Returning Player and How to Start Smart

Hello all! Hope you are all doing well. Little background before my questions:

I am a returning player. Last time I played was 2008 :astonished:! The only thing I remember from my old account is the character name, but do not remember anything else. I created a support ticket, but have yet to hear anything about recovering my old account. Any tips??

Last questions. In the meantime of trying to recover my old account, I started a new account. However, I was not aware of the referral program and bonus until after I created the account. My questions are:

  1. Should I delete my new account completely and start over with the sign up bonus? I have not activated omega. Or should I send in a ticket to see if they can add the sign up bonus to my new account?

  2. I’ve been reading this forum and have found programs for new players such as: Buddy invites and rewards from other players. Are these still a good way to sign up? Or are those days long gone due to changes?

Any advice on how I should start my returning career would be great. I would like my old account back, but just in case it’s gone I would like to start my new account with a bang! Hope to fly with you all out there!

Hey … no you dont need to delete current one … you can make new one by using even same email… totally fine… but you need to create that acount with that intitation link…

If you would like to catch up i can happiliy help you out . Please get in discord if you dont mind voice comms… goes smoother

We are mainly helping out returning pilots to catch up and training very new pilots … its non profit community on focuse institution. Where you can find first hand guidiance and nice atmosphere … you dont have join anything… i will be around next 1-2 hours

How do I make a new account using the same email without deleting my current account?

When you click on the buddy invite, it will prompt you for the information to create a new account.

On the account management page you can see a list of all your accounts that use the same email address. This will at least give you the account name and then you can change the password easily enough.

One of the missions involves you flying a frigate full of explosives into a pirate tower and blow it up along with your ship.
How’s that for a bang?

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Don’t forget to insure that ship platinum :wink:

No, Palladium! :smiley:

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