What happens to my market orders if a lose access to the citadel they're placed in?

I’m considering moving some of my trading into a citadel in order to reduce broker fees. But I want to make sure I understand the risks in doing so.

What happens to market orders if I lose access to the citadel they’re placed in?

I’m not talking about items, I’m talking about the buy/sell order itself. Does the order remain? Is it automatically cancelled? Can I cancel it even though I don’t have access to the citadel in question?


IIRC, the order remains on market, and if you are close to the citadel, regionally, you should be able to modify it… You just can’t dock and get the stuff and move.

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No, this is incorrect. If the citadel gets reinforced or the module goes offline, you cannot modify your order. You can cancel it, losing your fees, or leave it there, but you can no longer make new orders or modify them.

If the citadel explodes, then goods then go to assets safety.

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What happens if you’re just denied docking rights though, with the citadel and modules all fine?

Good question, can you deny docking while still allow access to the market service? I never had this case personally, in my cases (owner change) it was always all or nothing.

I’m just going by experience. When I left Black Aces, and came back up in hisec… i still had stuff on the market, didn’t have access to citadel. What didn’t sell I was able to contract over to someone still in B.A. and he paid me for what was left in there.

In that case I am not sure. I think you can deny docking access but still allow market access. In that case perhaps you could modify orders remotely just fine. But they equally could deny you access to the market modules when they remove your docking access so I wouldn’t count on it.

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Thats what my inital comment was referring to.

Edit: Question already answered.

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