Citadel Permissions

Hi Guys and Gals,

New guy here, reading up and realizing i can’t sell to buy-orders in Citadels. ( which kinda ruins the whole market idea from Citadels i think )

I was thinking, since WH, Null and Lowsec are more dangerous than Highsec, maybe for Highsec only a change can be made to changing docking permissions to Citadels.
Lets say a owner wants to change docking permissions to a certain person or corporation, it can initiate the change, but it will take effect after 7 days.
When the owner declares War on the specific Corporation, Docking access will be changed when the War kicks in (24 hours later.)
For Null and Lowsec this won’t change, you trust your NIP’s and Coalition you live amongst. (or might get screwed over by your neighbours etc.)
When someone places a Buy order, he could have checkmarks, where it decides to buy from Stations and/or Citadels.
An extra option to sell only in Highsec and/or also Low/Nullsec ( if a certain jump range or region is added to the buy order )

I think this will also have significant changes to Courier contracts.

The entity gets a notification with countdown timer when their Docking access is going to be restricted from a certain Citadel (Only when the entity got assets stored in the specified Citadel)
A Courier still has to investigate before doing contracts if a Citadel is accessible by flying towards it, drops off some female or male strippers. and goes further with his projects.

Just an idea, wondering what others might think.

Cheers Temperus

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