What if citadel weapons

Were moved to stand-alone structures which need to be placed similarly to how sentry guns are placed around npc stations,could be separately attacked and incapacitated.

Well you can answer your own question by looking at what happened to the Player-Owned Starbases (POS’es).

POS’es were composed of a control tower and various structures around it, surrounded by a shield, with weapons OUTSIDE the shield. Attacking a POS involved invulnerability timers that were similar to how Citadel attacks work nowadays.

So the first thing that the attackers did was destroy the weapons, of course, on the first attack. The timing of the first attack is always the attacker’s choice, so basically the weapons were often unattended when destroyed, because the attack was middle of the night or 5 am or whatever.

Then for the invulnerability timers, it was a matter of the defenders being able to bring enough logistics ships outside the shield to repair the weapons before the next timer / next attack period. To suppress this logistics repair, the attacker would send in small / medium fleets to camp and kill the defender’s logistics ships, throughout the waiting period between the invulnerability timers.

In effect, instead of having intense fights DURING the designated vulnerability periods, the system forced the defenders to spend 24/7 between the timers trying to repair, and the attackers organizing throughout-the-day fleets to harass the repairers.

You’re asking to separate the weapons from the invulnerability timers, and make the weapons vulnerable to any attack at any time.

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