What if Supers/Titans had to slowboat everywhere

These alliance superweapons seem to continue proliferating despite all cap ship rebalances.

Let’s get to the real issue…they travel too fast…faster than subcap fleets.

If these things are committed to a fight it should take a lot of time and a lot of preparation and a lot of movement and coordination. These shouldn’t be simply deployable anywhere and anytime and able to retreat home within minutes if things don’t look good.

Carriers and Dreads and FAX remain cyno mobile.

The idea came to me as we had two FAX’s dragging our fleet to a halt during a drunk roam around lowsec.


Why is everybody trying to slow EVE down today?

This game needs more tools for rapid ship movement, not less. We already spend a LOT of our time travelling and setting up fights. Lets not make it worse.

Yes, lets. Somebody had a bigger, better ship than you, and got in they way of whatever it was you were trying to do. - And, naturally, you now want that nerfed.

Sound about right?


Do you see any lossmails to capitals on my killboard? No

You sound scared. Sound about right?

You think people are scared of low-sec pirate roams? That’s kind of cute, I suppose.

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Has nothing to even do with the OP.

You’re scared that deploying your titan/nyx/aeon would actually incur significant risk.

Few years ago CCP put out the statistics. There were more titans in game than blackops.

I doubt that’s what CCP ever intended when they introduced titans and blops.

People loose capitals all the time, mate. If you think deploying them is safe, you’re full of it.

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Safer than alert/atkeyboard highsec mining, that’s for sure.

I find myself more paranoid in a brick tanked procurer in 1.0 system than dropping a thanny, but at least a properly tanked thanny can be killed by effectively by properly fit subcaps…can’t say the same for supers and titans.

Go fly around a bit in a Supercarrier smalgang.

I have done it several times in Syndicate or Fountain. Basically it requires very in-depth knowledge of who can escalate you and from where.

Also subcaps kill supers and titans often, so your comparison to a thanatos is wrong. You just need more numbers and better subcaps.

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Isn’t that how it should be, having to to know about your immediate neighbors’ capabilities to escalate against you if you deploy these superweapons? I’m pretty sure that how CCP envisioned the usage of these ships when they implemented them. I very much doubt they had intended for supers to be the most mobile ships in the game with a chain of alts.

Secondly, you’re talking about 100 subcaps vs a lone cap. If someone drops 20 supers on 100 subcaps I’d be surprised if even one super made it to 50% shield.

Was this post meant to be productive in any way?

Jump fatigue is already murder.
Supers aren’t some godteir do-all. They’re just as niche as any subcap.

And if you had 100 subcaps on a 20 man super fleet, have fun racking up the fighter kills (That are worth quite a pretty penny and give killmails now, since we all know that’s what gets your dick hard).

Maybe you should invest in supers and play with them a bit, fly them with some friends. After some hands-on I’m sure you’ll realize they’re not all they’re chopped up to be.

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The latter requires skill and brainz to be good with (or a massive blob fleet as usual). The former doesn’t.

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That’s an unfortunate belief.

Since the capital ship rebalance, the rate of combat Capital loss has climbed continuously (data from 1 Jan 2014 to Wednesday this week):

The game now average >400 capitals killed per week.

Over the same time, the loss of barges (and exhumers) has declined continuously:

Now just over 200 losses per week.

Nearly twice as many combat capitals (not including the Rorqual) die each week compared to barges.

75% of characters are in highsec, yet barge losses continue to drop. Just over 20% of characters live in low and null, yet capital loss continues to grow.

I know, when you want to push an agenda, its easy to make claims about how you feel more scared in a brick tanked barge than you would in a Thanatos. But the loss figures are about as objective as you can get and they tell a different story.

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Since 2014, the movement has been significantly limited.

So while they can move quickly over a short distance (once the cyno is in place and it travels normally via gates), over long distances isn’t fast at all anymore and once a jump is made into a fight, they are pretty much committed. They can’t just jump out again.

So -1 to this idea.

Jump fatigue has been great at getting capitals to undock and die. Making it absolutely no fun at all to use them, will just leave them docked again.

Capitals remain one of the last bastion pieces of gameplay for the long time players and CCP need to look after their long time customers, just as much as they need to find ways to attract and keep new players.


But Mummy… The big ship is bigger than mine :(… please make it unusable.

(Flying a super capital is the most terrifying thing in the eve universe, second only to the mittani sending you love mail).


curls up into a ball and begins to cry




If you are looking for mindless action, then there are plenty of easy first person shooters for you out there…

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