What if we literally deleted all of null sec?

  • Burn it down.
  • NooOooo, not my precious null sec!!!
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imagine with me an EVE universe, where null sec does not exist.
All of the diplomacy, industry and large scale battles play out in empire space. All of the big players are right next door to the starter system. From the moment you create your character, you are in the center of the galactic storm.

Wouldn’t you say, that null sec is very far removed from empire space, and not just in distance? That despite all of the grandiose battles and the staggering scale of destruction you hear so much about, it might as well just be a lore entry to most people living in high sec?

You don’t see it, you don’t feel it, it’s just something that happened at some corner in the distant universe. And I think that’s a tragedy, because these large scale factions and massive fleet battles are basically the identity of EVE Online.

But what if it was all right there?
What if faction warfare and war declarations were an integral part of building your EVE empire?
What if the empires themselves would become a factor to consider?
What if high sec was not relegated to be an amusement park for miners and mission runners, but the actual battleground for which every faction is vying for, and the second you logged in you would impact the future of the EVE universe, no matter if you wanted to or not?

I think there is some merit in all of this. But what do you think? Would this be the one of many disasters that will manage to finally doom EVE once and for all - or will it perhaps turn out as a complete renaissance of EVE Online as we know it?

Write your thoughts below!

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-James Fuchs

I voted burn it down. But with a qualifier.

For more than a decade, I’ve been advocating removing null, low, high and replacing them with lawful space and lawless space.

A lot less video gamey.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Make High Sec smaller instead if you want to be closer to conflict and where the stories happen. Null is only far if you live in the middle of high sec, and only if you don’t use a wormhole or filament.

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Remove sov and structures, and replace everything with NPC null sec and stations. That way people can fight over influence spheres and other stuff without the annoying timer grind.

I like null sec.

High sec and even low sec make things complicated with rules like “you cannot attack this target or CONCORD blows up your ship”, “you cannot launch bombs here” “no no no, bubbles are also prohibited” “if you attack this person you lose security status” “you have to be at war to shoot this station” blah blah.

Just let me shoot whoever whenever with whatever I have.

Null sec is nice, no rules.

Without a sufficiently large map, and null sec to differentiate it, you’re setting the game up for a permanent and unbeatable stagnation. The largest collective groups of players could easily conquer the entirety of the playable area and put it on permanent lock down. Smaller corps, alliances, and coalitions wouldn’t even be able to get their own structures with the now condensed blocs controlling everything in existence that also now has 0 restrictions for what you can and can’t do. And you could no longer dethrone those people either because now no one has a place in which they can begin building themselves up to compete. Nullsec exists to give players free reign to do as they please. Excessive amounts of Nullsec exists so that there’s always some small corner for groups to carve out a home in. And Highsec exists so that players can successfully grow up as much as they need to without the big kids tearing them down or controlling everything.