Rate each: HS, LS, NS, WH

After a CEO friend moved his 96 person HS mining corp to Null because “it is safer.” I figured itd be fun to make fun of it and say "see…Null is for p***ies… lol.

But actually each sec provides it’s own challenges.

I still think if you can make it big in High Sec Jita you’re king of the game…its the most competitive market period. If all you do is work in Jita and are rich…you won the game. And lost at life.

After moving to Low Sec I am gonna be biased but I think it’s the best sec.

It’s the most battle-hungry and competitive.

It’s where Null and HS collide and pirates in between.

Fun as hell.

I have no experience in null…but I think it sounds “safe” in the super cap umbrella…but its probably the only place where huge endgame fleet battles break out.

W-holes…I have even less insight.

Feel free to give your ratings on each sec space!

New player here about 90 days. I was going to do a big write-up on my general thoughts of EVE so far but I had a couple of points on this exact issue I was going to include. Here are my general ratings for each each sec and why.

High Sec (Rating 1/10) This is badly named. It implies a sense of high security that just isn’t there. I think it gives a lot of new players who don’t read any chat in any of the big trade areas, the idea that High Sec is actually much safer than it is. That being said I’m an old school PvPer and I think ganking is an essential part of any good PvP game.

Low Sec (Rating 5/10) The name is better. There are a lot of gate camps in low sec so try to spend as little time there as possible. You can PvP here, but my initial reaction in my first engagement in low sec was my “criminal indicator coming up” and it didn’t feel right I had to go criminal to defend myself.

Null Sec Rating (10/10) I’ve been to every region, not terribly deep in some, of null sec. I come here looking for PvP experience. All of my 16 or so encounters have been A+. People have been really cool, offered advice, ship fits, and to hit them up if I had any questions. HATE warp bubbles. That was a shock the first time.

Wormhole (?/10) I hear crazy things about wormhole people. Haven’t been.

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Nullsec is where you go to krab for a few months and get some ISK as a new player. Then you can do whatever. From a non-PVP focused perspective:

Highsec - safest, unless you are hauling expensive cargo or bling fit your ships. Good money to be made trading and doing industry. Also running high-tier abyssal content in relative safety.

Nullsec - 2nd safest under cap umbrella. Good money to be made resource harvesting, cap ratting, trading, and doing industry in a large enough group.

Lowsec - Least safe, unless you know what you are doing. If you do, it can be pretty safe just like any other kind of space.

Wormhole - Least safe #2, have to be on your toes at all times, no local intel, nightmare logistics, tedious scanning, rolling, scouting mandatory chores. Have to be in a wh corp if you want to live there, basically. It is really tough to do solo, unless you are day tripping or go full nomad with a few alts. Good loot and resources.

HS, LS, NS are all pretty much the same. WH can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it.


I’m at the point where I can tell who the OP is just by reading down the list of thread titles.

That’s how powerful I am.

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actually Mortlake, i am more powerful than you are, because i started from the bottom of this thread, i read your post, and i immediately guessed who was the OP of this thread :wink:

special props to the "I have no experience in null…but I think " Alistair… keep on posting on evrythg…

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fw space is the only worthwhile space tbh

Highsec = wild ganking fleets, panic attacks

Lowsec = awsome PVP, risky, fun, great for action

Null = a dream for miners and mission runners, afk activities (mining) and making lots of ISK

WH = a great place to have peacful fun and finding new things to do

Wormhole space is amazing. The freedom you find there is the best. Unlike all the rules in high sec, low sec and null.

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Different areas have different advantages.

Not all of null falls under that “umbrella”?


fight last sunday, from 0400 am to 09:00 am

a good number of people live in null sec to join fights like this.

6 / 2 / 4 / 3


Hmm, for me I think…

High = Depends what you are wanting from the game, but if you are in a corp and have access to structures and want to make stuff, or if you just want to p**s in someones playground as a ganker or wardeccer then this can be a good place. I may be doing it wrong but I cannot seem to make much ISK here

Low - I really enjoyed low sec, I think it has a decent balance however I hate the sec status loss for kills, I know some dont worry about there sec status but for me, thats the bit I dont like

Null- Bores me senseless, a sea of blues, go here to rat and make money and be an F1 pressing fleet member, industry wise unless you are the person doing the logistics, dont bother, just rat in your super and earn the isk per tick, or mine in a rorq.

WH- This is where I am at the moment, in a C5… its good, but you hae to reply on others a lot more and there is more to risk (no asset safety) but I like the ever changing exits.

WH space - really fun
low sec - fun
null sec - boring
high sec - newbie area, you necesarily visit occasionally but otherwise avoid it at all costs.

Well heres how I rate them over the many years playing the game.

Highsec: Fairly safe if you have right ships use insta dock undocks, use d scan. Fairly boring though no one speaks and if they do its normally to sell you something.

Lowsec: Some of best fun I had if you pick right region with 0.0 on the door and not very busy traffic offers more solo pvp game play and group. Great isk if you run your own sites ie ded plexs. The only thing I hated about it was the kill rights as it effected isk generation in hs plus moving stuff about.

Nullsec: fights happen rarely when they do your normally out numbered in some way or you get a million caps just jump in. No fun for subcaps which is all I fly now. Also I used to really really really hate 40 jumps for a fight that never happens. God that happened so many times jumping here and their for nothing. Isk generation was just plain boring unless your officer hunting.

Wormhole: You need two accounts min to be self efficient so that counts me out.


HS: 6. PvP is more ganking or war decs, not that those are bad but they do have limitations. Most populated area which has pros and cons but overall a good thing as it does bring interactions between players more.

LS: 8. has none of the limitations for PvP like HS but still has limits on certain modules like bubbles. If you fly around enough and know where to look you can always find a fight.

NS: 4. While it does have the best resources and best ratting it has become very boring in terms of PvP. I am aware it still happens but due to both the size of alliances, the abundence of wealth in those alliances and the static nature of the systems and the players who reside there it has become farmville in Eve.

WH: 10. Yes I live in WH space and am biased of course to it. However it is still the only type of space that truely randomizes your experience every day, and in a game where everyone wants to min max this is the only real way to avoid things becoming as they have in null. On top of that it is still the only area of space where even a small group of dedicated players can make home without to much fear as long as they play smart.

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