What information is available concerning the “Unified Catholic Church” and “Conformists”

Is there any information available concerning groups called the Unified Catholic Church and Conformists, and from an academic or religious perspective, how did they influence the faith of the Imperial Rite practised today? If any information you have is available and can be disclosed, please share below.

Thank you.

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The followers of the first prophet, Gheinok, are sometimes referred to as the “conformists”, as they conformed to the word of God. The most reliable source of information we have on this period is Scripture, in particular the book of Gheinok the First, which was written by Gheinok himself. This is a period more than ten thousand years ago, any other sources are scarce.

Gheinok’s influence on the Amarr religion is immense: it is through this prophet that God led us to Amarr and gave us our first laws and rites. It is through him that we have the basis of our faith. In the following millenia our faith evolved as God gave us prophets and emperors to guide us further and adapt ourselves on our journey.

To the best of my knowledge, the term “unified catholic church” is not used here in the Empire. The words “cata-holic” come from an ancient tongue and I would loosely translate them as “about the universal” or “general” or “all-emcompassing”. “Holistic” is derived from the second part of the word. So I think it is just a generic description meaning that our faith is undivided, universal, and encompasses all aspects of life.


I see. If that’s the case, does anyone know of any sources no matter how scarce, that are around. Any lead no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.


Do you have any idea what were the faiths that formed this conglomeration

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