Unified Catholics and Conformists

I found this from the Old forums, but the link to the lore aspect is not available since this thread is from 12 years ago.

around 3085AD, a group within the Unified Catholic Church called The Conformists settled a system, and then got their butts kicked and got exiled in 3897AD. In 7989AD, two years after EVE opened, these Conformists headed to New Eden and set themselves up there. Then a guy called Dano Gheinok names himself a prophet and sets the seed for the Amarrian Theocracy.

Thus, the Amarrians were part of the Unified Catholic Church, which based on the name gives me the impression that it was a hodgepodge of the western Christian religions. But that’s just me.
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this may help clear some things up for you

Yeah, I saw that post too, but I’m really starting to think that it’s an agglomeration of the Abrahamic religions of Catholicism, Sunni Islam, and Masorti Judaism since these are the biggest denominations of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism respectively.

However, because Gheinok and his followers were “conforming” to the word of God, of which it sounded pretty clear that they were fundamentalists, he likely led a group descended from Traditionalist Catholics, Haredi Jews, and Islamic Wahhabists.

My reason being is that it seems like the Unified Catholic Church was actually inspired from the Orange Catholic Bible from Frank Herbert’s Dune which is really just an abridged collection of holy texts from all the world’s major religions

This was the subject of a lengthy discussion on the old forums. Linking here.

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from an Amarr IC perspective, Theodosius’s post about the Conformists on the IGS thread in response to you pretty much sums up what is “known” by our characters.

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