How much did the Dune franchise inspire EVE Online

Ever since Dune came out, there has been a few things about Dune that got me thinking if the franchise somehow influenced the early development of this game.

  • The EVE Gate was found in the Canopus star system which coincidentally is where Arrakis is also located

  • The Unified Catholic Church, the precursors to the Amarr faith, sounds very similar to the concept of the Orange Catholic Bible, which was the most widely consumed religious text in the Imperium

  • And both series take place over 20,000 years in the future, so what if we’re those who inhabit New Eden are really just distant cousins of the Imperium in the Milky Way

I mean somewhat. Dune has influenced pretty much every modern sci-fi LOL.

The last thing EVE needs is a second Imperium.

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Fair enough. By the similarities mentioned above, are… well… eeriely similar.

Well, I think it would be interesting to have a non-player empire for a limited time like the Triglavings, Sleepers, or Jovians, what’s you’re reason for not wanting a second Imperium; just curious

I mean SW took a bunch of stuff from Dune LOL.

Fair enough,

I can float.

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