Creating/bring back a Ni-Kunni religion. Any suggestions?

(Isser Hofi) #1


Any ideas on what you would like to see regarding a lost Ni-Kunni religion. I have some ideas which I’m working on but would love to hear what more experienced EVE players have to say.

I plan to set up a monastery (structure) in Mishi once I have the skills.


(Samira Kernher) #2

If you’re not already aware of it, be sure to look through this Ni-Kunni article and the Mishi IV article for general ideas. Ni-Kunni have some of the most fleshed out stuff so there’s a lot to work with.

Good luck!

Edit: And note, of course, that attempts to revive a Ni-Kunni religion are not going to be thought of fondly in Amarr, as they purged most elements of it when the Ni-Kunni were integrated. Most attempts to rebuild traditional Ni-Kunni culture take place in the Gallente Federation. This doesn’t affect things like structures in space due to capsuleers being independent, but just noting for how baseliner Amarr/Ni-Kunni groups are likely to look on it.

(Isser Hofi) #3

Thanks for the info. Placing a monastery in Amarr space is not a good idea for RP and security reasons. I will look into finding a new location.

(Ordrean McKarion) #4

All Faith is but a dance with fantasy. One must come to embrace true human ascension. Our maker has given us minds to affect our evolution and understanding of the interactions of the makeup of the universe. We must rise as one united humanity to this great goal of holding hands with GOD!. GOD calls to us extends a hand to us. We fight and hold on to outdated belief but reach not to the hand of God.

(Isser Hofi) #5

I have not seen your god. I have seen the reopening of the Ni-Kunni Dream Hold.