EVE Online X Dune

Who would like to see a crossover, or limited time event, between EVE Online and Dune in some form?

I feel that ever since Dune is becoming more talked about since it’s release in 2021, and with new RPGs and a new series coming out, a crossover with Dune would be a fan favourite but also could be used as a way to explain what happened to humanity on the other side of the EVE Gate.

Lore wise, it would be chronologically consistent as; both franchises take place over 20,000 years in the future, and the EVE Gate on the other side of New Eden is located in the Canopus star system, which is where Arrakis, the main setting of Dune is.


They did it with dr who so probably sometime in the future

When do you think they might come out with a Dune x EVE Online crossover?

I mean I’d love no-ship

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When the Dune sequel movie comes out probably, who knows, 2 years? 5 years?

Eve online has been around longer than I’ve been alive. it could take years or days. who knows?

Ccp stated they have no intentions of doing any more crossovers for the foreseeable future

Damn. If a crossover with Dr. Who made a lot of people happy, imagine what Dune could do.

Pretty sad we won’t see another crossover anytime soon

CCP isn’t pushing crossovers - they are mostly interested in weak/desperate IPs that are willing to pay CCP to put on a cheap promotional event.

I’ll bet that if Hyundai or Pepsi was willing to pay the money, there would be themed in-game events.

Hyundai ships have the extra EHP and improved handling that pilots like us crave.

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Is there anything stopping Hyundai or Pepsi buying a pile of PLEX, building a bunch of stations, and sponsoring alliance teams?

As if the stuffed shirts and marketing fobs at the top would ever think of such a cheap and free thing. Quafe flavored Pepsi, anyone?

The only thing stopping them is EVE being an obscure rubbish video game that no one’s ever heard of.

Well, having been a huge fan of EVE Online for more just over a year. It’s sad to see CCP choose anyone who will sponsor them and give them fame given how awesome and expansive this game is.

At this point I’d be happy if they did a collab with the Evangelion franchise given Gainax and later Khara has done collabs with Super Robot Wars, Unison League, and Battle Cats most notably.

FYI: I’m a huge Evangelion fan as well

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Also spice would def make a good booster.

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I’m sure if enough cash changes hands, it might happen.

“Get into the Catalyst, Shinji.”
“No dad I don’t want to!”


My daughters. Always.


LOL. Loved the meme you put up. But jokes aside, if cash changes hands, I bet It’ll be EVE Online’s biggest cash cow to date

But everything aside, who’s most personally interested in seeing a Dune and EVE Online crossover regardless of what CCP actually decides

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Dune is 99% on planet. If they could populate the planets with battle and story, good.

I would like to see that crossover. I remember reading the first three books in the Dune series.

If that’s the case, I think a Dust 514 crossover would be the best candidate