What is a good DPS?

What is a good DPS for an alpha earlygame ship?
EDIT: I mean a number. I’m wondering if I’m using the right guns/ammo

So the simple, direct answer to your question would be a Thrasher fit with projectile weapons (autocannons or artillery); and it isn’t the only option.

Exact alpha from each volley is skill and fit dependent, but autocannons are close range and arty is long range. Putting a number on it is difficult because of skills and fit.

A more complete answer needs a bit more information. What are you trying to do with it?

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Without knowing the ship and fit, its impossible to say what is good.


A very Eve answer: It depends.

Sometimes DPS isn’t important, such as for a ship you use for exploration. Sometimes a balance between attack and defence is more important. Sometimes absolute volley power is more important than sustained DPS. Also, the right damage type - hitting the lowest resistance of the target with modest DPS is better than futilely hitting the highest resists.

But since you ask.
Let’s say you are going to tackle The Blood Stained Stars, the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc - a good introduction to Eve, a nice storyline and something often run by new players.
One of the later missions is defeating a character called Dagan. You need realistically about 150dps for that - Explosive is best as I recall. More reduces the amount of damage you will take because you kill him quicker.

150dps is in reach if a combat Frigate with modest skills. And easily in the range of a Destroyer. 200dps or more is a common figure if a higher skilled pilot. 400dps is possible - though that’s more T2 Assault Frigates or Standard T1 Destroyers.

Don’t get obsessed with “I need these numbers or I’m not succeeded”. It’s a case of what works for what you want to achieve in what circumstances.

Welcome to New Eden.
Feel free to reach out to me in game - an offer I make to any new player.


200 dps is cool for the first month.
But well, there’s so much like distance, size, volley, etc that you can’t put into a single number, so DPS alone sounds cool, but does’t help much.

You know DPS doesn’t always matter. I am a drone pilot and although the Vexor only has 9000 shield, most T1 battleships take awhile to destroy it.

I’m right now upgrading to a Dominix and with over 30000 health and tons of drone skills, I’m basically immortal inside High Sec.

Sure my drones are “weaker” but they do about 150 per shot which can add up from all 5. And plus I have like an infinite amount of drones.

Sorry for changing the subject, but DPS isn’t always everything that matters.

Did you ever upset the autothysian lancers? Or try incursions? Or just set your safety to red?
There’s many ways to die in Highsec, even with the biggest/strongest ships :wink:

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