What would be a good high dps ship

what would be a good high dps ship that can tank with out still being strong. but would not be to expensive? NO MINTAR SHIPS!!

Have a look at the Paladin, Golem, or Kronos. And if you change your mind about “MINTAR” ships, also the Vargur.

But given your character was only created in February 2022, I’d suggest you make yourself familiar with a cheaper battleship first. The Praxis or Raven are rather forgiving vessels.

And if you can’t fly battleships yet, Look at Gnosis or Drake. Or if you like Drones, the Myrmidon is a good choice.

so would this be a good fit

That depends on what you want to use it for.

like pvp or pve

you should pick one or the other when deciding what to fly, not both. it’s possible to do both PVP and PVE in the same ship but only if you know what you’re doing, so at this point you should be fitting ships for the specific activity you want to engage in. that fit you posted is perfectly fine for PVE but you won’t have much luck trying to PVP in it.

What are you using it for?

Hyperion with double reps, can do PVP and PVE, assuming you asked for a large hull while being very affordable.

Thank me later.

hyperion is op as ■■■■

I am going to ask you to clarify two things. What do you mean when you say a high dps ship that can tank without being strong? In this case you are asking for high dps and tank, what is the “not strong” supposed to mean?

Second question, how expensive it too expensive for you? Marauders have been suggested. Is a 2 billion is ship too expensive? Is a 2 million isk ship too expensive?

the best question to make involves what you going to do with the ship

what is a good PVE ship for level 4 missions ?
what is a good PVP ship for medium low sec complexes ?
what is a good ship for abyssal lvl 3 ?

etc etc

there is no generic ship in EVE
i think a lot of people would be glad to share you fits but try to be the more specific possible


Gallente hold good tank and deliver great dps on all hull sizes that are good to use in PVP and fitting plates.

Or Caldari for Shields and long range kitting for PVE.

Remember there is also speed tank and Minmatar do offer greater speed.

Forget Amarr they’re dumb and don’t bring anything exciting to the party.

we bring lasers and slaves that fill our drinks…and best of all… GOLDEN SHIPS shaped in the best forms.





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what would be a good dps T1 destroyer

For pvp or pve?

for pvp