Hi, I’m looking for alpha tech 9 battleship, but I don’t know which one to buy. I’m doing PVE missions, WH ratting and a bit of PVP. So what would be the best ship?

Your best bet is probably a Praxis. You have many fitting options, balanced slot layout for modules and minimum skill requirements.


Yes, and Praxis is cheap. :slight_smile:

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I tried Praxis, but I would like something interesting like Abaddon or Hyperion…

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A Raven or if you got the ISK the navy scorpion and navy raven are amazing PVE ships.
The Typhoon is also a solid choice simply because with Cruise Missiles and a MJD you can just farm the NPCs from 100km + away without getting much of a dent into your tank. Almost a turkey shoot.

The missile PVE gameplay can get extremely dull rather quickly though ( as with missions in general imho but you are supposed to have fun not me :slight_smile: )

Regarding a ship for PVE, WH and a bit of PVP.
It isn’t recommend to do all things in one ship. since it will always fail at someting.
A pve ship is a miserable PVP ship and mostly vice versa.

If you really want just one ship you can do most things in. Tech 3 Cruisers (Tengu, Legion, Loki, Proteus) are your safest bet since they are extremely versatile and can easily be refitted (even in space with a mobile depot) for different tasks.

So for now I am just gonna somewhat stick to PVE aspects…

So regarding ships with turrets…

You already identified two other good “options”.

To give you a quick and dirty break down of some these options :

Rokh :

  • Decent Tank
  • Okayish damage
  • Kin / Therm damage only unless you opt for a missile Rokh which is extremely meme but works tbf.
  • Hard to keep the Capacitor in check, especially if you need to tank a lot of dps.
  • Could get into issues with tracking if you mess up and let a “named” (the harder to kill) enemies under your guns. Maybe fit a grappler just in case.

Megathron :

  • Good Damage and decent tracking for BS.
  • With blasters kinda meh Range
  • Kin / Therm damage only
  • A little light on the Tank
  • Keep an eye on the Capacitor, not as bad as the Rokh though.

Hyperion :

  • Good Damage
  • Kin / Therm damage only
  • Tanky boi
  • Same issues as Rokh

Dominix :

  • Drones…
  • Zzzz Gameplay imho similar to missile boats
  • You can pretend to be a carrier commanding fighters.
  • A little light on Tank again but nothing too shabby

Abaddon :

  • Lasers have some of the crappiest tracking
  • EM / THERM damage only
  • Scorch is a great weapon charge. Very good DPS at good range
  • Thicc Boi
  • Keep a VERY good eye on your Capacitor. Depending on Skills and weapon choice the Abaddon can’t even shoot all 8 guns without capping itsself out.

Armageddon :

  • Actualy a decent PVE boat despite its Cap warfare (PVP) bonuses.
  • Can use both missiles/turrets and drones for good flexibility including a very high DPS build.
  • Has decent Capacitor to power a decent tank. Nothing comperable to the tanks of a Rokh or Hyperion but
    at least you don’t have to sweat as much over the capacitor.
    ( I tried one once with rapid heavies and a flight of heavy drones, was nice)

Apocalypse :

  • Iconic ship to many vets. Used to be an absolute workhorse in both PVP and PVE.
  • Bonuses negate inherent bad laser tracking and help with capacitor management.
  • Not very tanky in particular and not very high dps but in overall a decent ship.
  • EM / Therm damage only

Tempest :

  • Aka. the Clear Skies (if you dont know why go search on youtube EVE clear skies)
  • Thanks to these fanmade videos also has somewhat of an iconic status similar to the Apocalypse.
  • Projectiles are decent jack of all trades weapons. Decent damage, decent range and decent tracking (autocannons have decent tracking, arties are kinda meh).
    You could say Jack of all trades but master of none but personally I am a big fan of projectile weapons both PVE and PVP.
  • A little light on the Tank since similar to other “less tanky” ships does not a have bonus towards tank.
  • Easy to manage cap since projectiles dont need capacitor to operate
  • Two utility high slots which can mount missile launcher for a little extra damage or something useful like tractor beams.

Maelstrom :

  • Goons loved this thing for its raw alpha damage (alpha fleet). if you opt for artillery (1400s) instead of Autocannons this thing will pack a PUNCH. If you hit that is… iirc 1400s have the worst tracking in game and slowest ROF but pack the most alpha damage.
  • Tanky boi. The Shield boosting bonus gives it a nice a tank.
  • Capacitor management is ok. Shield boosters LOVE to eat up cap. especially if you forget to turn them off should you NOT run a “cap stable” build but as I mentioned projectiles dont need cap. So at least you dont need to balance your cap between guns and tank.

Disclaimer : I am sure that some people have some information to add. Also I skipped the expensive pirate hulls. Imho if you don’t understand the basic faction hulls, going for a machariel or whatever might be a bad investment at this point. Hope it helps.


Worth remembering that as an Alpha Clone you won’t have access to Level 4 missions - which is where the Battleships come into their own. The Level 3 missions are good Battlecruiser territory - indeed if you aren’t careful a battleship can struggle in a Level 3 missions because of the larger number of smaller ships that get under the guns and are too small and fast to hit reliably.

I really like the Abaddon - but it’s a rough experience as a mission running ship. I had a pulse fitted one that had range issues in some missions (without a Targeting Computer or similar your range tops out at 50km with Radio ammunition). Changing to an Apocalypse, and now a Navy Apocalypse, was a delight. The range and tracking bonuses really help.
Abaddons really work for fleet DPS and a gold brick tank.

Anyway, if you are going to go Omega and try Level 4 missions (do it!) then @Luwc’s guide above is good - the Maelstrom is the other mission battleship I fly regularly in that list and it works well: almost Amarrian in its hunger for capacitor, but you do get to change damage type within limitations more than other ships.

If you are staying with Level 3 missions then the Ferox is a good hybrid based gunship, with the Harbinger as the laser based alternative. The Navy Harbinger is almost overkill for a Level 3 mission - though at a cost!

Whatever you decide, make sure you can fly a good T2 based tank - i.e. one with the “II” version modules in it rather than just the named meta- ones. They are only slightly more expensive, but do deliver on that increase in price. As you increase the ship size more of the value is in the hull than the modules - going for basic and cheap modules can be a false saving.


Thanks :slight_smile:

PVP in a Battleship can be quite expensive and is recommended to fight in a fleet.
It’s quite embarassing to lose a 500m ISK Battleship to a dozen of 5m ISK Dessies withou even killing one.

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