What is eve for a non-capsuleer?

(I hope this vid has not been posted yet)

Disclaimer : I’m not affiliated with the author of this vid, and I’m not a so-called “pro game developer” myself.

I think a lot of the issues explained in that video can be applied to Eve, and may be used to enhance the New Player Experience (NPE)

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An example of how it applies IMO in Eve :

  • AFAIK we are not told that we can drag the background to change the fov ?
  • I remember a “not cool” feature when I started the game : why can’t I shoot this structure ? What’s the difference between a structure hard to kill (=huge EHP) and a structure designed to not be killed(takes 0 damage). A L2 IIRC caldari mission requires to shoot a structure and it takes ages. I think I canceled that mission because it took so long I thought this is not what I should do, and I did something wrong.
  • several features are hidden, and will not be found unless told so or by accident : repackaging stuff, repairing, market hubs, even the tutorial videos when they were available… IMO those should be mentioned when you dock in the first station.
  • agents are not explained. What’s the effect of refusing missions ? Can I do it often ? Why is it good / bad ? A question I got recently is “how can I level my agent up ?”
  • and since the mechanism were not explained, I also remember “wrong lessons” (but that was like 15 years ago), like : if I go to LS I die, or small drones are immune to my guns (because I can’t hit them) so there is no point in shooting at them, since they are immune no point in webbing them either.

I went my first few days not knowing what the attributes did and why they are important in the types of skills to queue first etc.

Well I think that attributes are kind of advanced topic wrt learning the game.
They should be introduced to players, but not before that players knows how to use camera, move his ship, kill people, die, buy new ship, make money.
It should not be taught about before the player learns of concord, about industry, about how the market works.

In the video you had shared, the girl who didn’t move her camera around etc while playing those other game wouldn’t cause too much of an issue in eve once the menu and data is understood.

There are times I would do missions without even zooming out and the data on my overview would be enough to know what I need to do.

Very interesting video. Good explanation of why it’s so hard for a vet to see things as a new player.

I think the tutorial does ask you to move the camera around though. I don’t remember it saying you can double click in space and move more freely than approach or orbit which may be useful to avoid bumping into things a lot.

I had been creating a few alts lately and I did notice the starting tutorial is getting the (new) pilot to move the mouse and scroll wheel along with double clicking in space. It is doing this before the option appears to bypass the tutorial and warp off.

I think it is fine the way it currently is.

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What immediately struck me is how zoom in and zoom out were switched. It felt weird and dumb and when asked most replies I got was “get used to it”. Only later I learned that you can “invert” it to act normal.

Why is the camera shake even a thing


If they added mining permits to the New Player tutorial, that would solve a lot of problems.

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One of the question that happens a lot : “I need a certificate, why am I supposed to do ?”

If you need a certificate, you can send 10 million isk to an agent, and they will issue your mining certificate.

eve is impossible to a non capsuleer
its one of those hermetic games , its a game for "real gamers "
let me give a example
i love super Mario 3 for the NES , best game ever right?
lots of people can play it , but i try to explain to non gamers that you use ONE finger to keep running AND to jump at the same time , them it become hard
imagine eve online , NO WAY JOSE

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