What is in your collection container?

Wait, that pilot had been a 4 day old pilot the day on that zkill…

Zero security rating on the new pilot out on asteroid belt 3 in Hek.

You bump a 2 month old thread to inform you hold a rookie frozen corpse that you refer to as a moron for what exactly? Going suspect and looting some belt rat kill?

That’s no reason to call someone a moron. Since that day had you tried to reach out to that pilot at all?

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Oh, that’s because that’s an alt. He’s not being an idiot in a new player way, he’s being a jackass. I also didn’t realize this was a really old thread, so sorry about that


My main collection isn’t exactly in a container, it’s actually spread out between 12 different characters. And that collection is 753 different Men’s and Women’s Apparel items. My second Collection is a container with 183 Cosmos BPC’s.

There’s also a few other Collection Container’s filled with items that I sometimes use, one is Cosmos/Epic Arc/Event Container filled with 201 various items (Mission items, random rat loot, etc.), another one is Faction/Deadspace/Storyline Container filled with 478 various items (modules, BPC’s, etc.), also have Implant Container with 45 different types of Implants.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I also have a Corpse Container filled with 113 different Male / Female corpses.

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I beat you with Cosmos BPs at near 500, but you easily quadruple the fashion pieces I have. And except for three black woman’s Avenue shirts, all my stuff is the random crap I got from packs and special events. Nothing fancy like I’ve seen your characters wearing.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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All the Cosmos BPC’s I have were gained from completing the High and Low Sec Cosmos Agents.

As for the Apparel items, not exactly sure how it happened but a few years ago I noticed I had a good start on a collection with a few hundred different types. That was when I decided to actively seek out and purchase them which has now brought me up to my current total.

Basically I now jump on them whenever any new ones are available, doesn’t matter if it’s in a game pack or from the NES, I’m buying it just to make sure my collection is up to date and maxed out…

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Right? One of the more creative PVE adventures CCP came up with. I used to run the thing on every new character I made.

Too bad they let it burn like so many things they make and then ignore. They’re pretty good at making interesting things, they’re just real bad at maintaining them.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Yup, I agree 100%…