What is it thinking, or is it even thinking?

it exists but has no consciousness as we know it, we think of it as a simple lifeform but cannot put ourselves into its perceptions and interpretations of the world, to understand it we study it, dissect it, look at it’s habits and behavior, then draw a conclusion, while we can understand it from the outside we still cannot understand what it is to be the robber fly, while people can shrug and say so what, whats to know, it is the same as looking up at the stars and saying so what there’s nothing there but what we see and know of and how does that sound to another who looks up and wonders.

Now for a second let’s look at the world from the robber fly prospective;

  1. How vast does the world look to it from such a tiny size in comparison.
  2. No time exists, only light and darkness.
  3. No emotions to see the world the way we see it, they see it as it is.
  4. When they kill something to eat they do so as we do with our food, it’s not mean, or vicious, it’s simply as if they are grabbing for a fruit or vegetable, they don’t see it as alive, with feelings, or pain, same as when we bite into an apple.

If you watch this video from start to finish my favorite part is where the drop of liquid is on it’s eye, why doesn’t it remove the droplet, why doesn’t it bother it, if we as humans have something changing our view we fix it, we remove it, we even get angry at it, but the robber fly does nothing, why?



“Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” -Arthur Schopenhauer


It have nice looking wings. But do they look nice for this creature too? :thinking:

Also Arthropleura armata and Meganeuropsis permiana. :scream:

What a moth, for us a living work of art, for the moth it must be a world away from what we perceive, for it’s body size imagine if you had antennae about the size of your arms that sense smells if you compare it’s size and the distance it would be like knowing what their having for dinner in Russia.
While I’m not sure of everything that those antennae do for it, it is believed to also help with navigation, maybe a sort of radar/gyroscope function.
To be sure if we had senses like the creatures of the world we would be superhuman, while not built in our modern mobile phones give us powers that people in the past would not believe was possible.

Simple yet correct.
If your world seems small you only have yourself to blame - Piugattuk.

Nice one Piugattuk-- thanks for the thoughtful content. Some of the things you say about robber flies would apply to a perfected Buddhist also.

I once tried to write a short story about a fish grabbed from the water by an eagle, from the fish’s perspective. I had to give up, because there was too much language involved. Too many names for things. Fish don’t have language, or names for things. Trying to say something about a fish’s perceptions, in words, seemed pretty artificial and unauthentic.

(By the way, I’m an aquarium guy, and although fish have relatively primitive nervous systems-- they do have distinct personalities).

There’s was a man I admired so much (he isn’t with us anymore), but he has some really deep stuff he would say, I think most people liked him but he probably had some haters, his way of expressing his thoughts is very provoking if you are polarized on your own beliefs, I don’t agree with everything he put out but he was so far out in his thinking that I’ve never seen anyone like him.

Jacque Fresco, in case your wondering, I really believe this man could have changed the world but the world I don’t think was ready for him, you should check out his video on the Venus Project, but for now here is a video and one of my favorites.


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