The art of being alive

Oh, we are too weak. People always died. There were always dying old people. We ourselves are slowly aging, weakening and dying. But we do not know how to think about it. We do not understand the tragedy even when we feel it closely. And it seems to us that it will be easier for us if we laugh at our own fear. Fear of incomprehensible. Why is it incomprehensible? Maybe because we were afraid to live in the same world with this?
It seems that many of the players have now focused on the most intense battles. Remember - now you can be a real warrior. Right now and not later in the world there is an even more terrible struggle than usual for the last clone. Thousands of people are fighting fiercely and dying in battle right now. The current moment will go down in history as a general tragedy. Will you wake up to take a battle with your loved ones, to feel the taste of real life?
Oh, I do not ask you to leave the game completely. Everyone has the right to live the life he wants. Just open the window sometimes. Hear the distant rumble of battle. Those who could be your friend go to Valhalla.

But I am an immortal capsuleer.


I’M ALIVE! WOHOO!! :smiley:

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