A milestone reached!

Today, just a few minutes ago, I died 300th time! (Confirmed deaths, real number probably higher.)


I’m really excited about this! Instead of being afraid of death, I’ve finally became to accept it just a minor annoyance (and even sometimes convenience!) in my life. Sure it’s always as unnerving as ever, even my clone degraded a bit and I lost my jaw in cloning accident, but I’m really proud how long I’ve survived. I could probably get my jaw back but I think the metal on my face is way more cool.

I’ve learned that every death, instead of a failure, is opportunity for learning. When I die, I learn why I died, which improves my fighting. And fighting is what I love, so death is natural in this. So I’m not afraid anymore. And this number here, 300, it proves that “Yup, that guy ain’t afraid of dying. He takes fights. He doesn’t cower when cornered. HE WILL FIGHT.”

I’m not the best warrior ever, obviously. But I’m on my way there. To reach the top! One death, one kill at a time!

Anyway, I’m now celebrating and ordered myself a nice cake.
Just wanted to share my excitement.

Cheers space pals!


That explains so much.

Congratulations, I suppose.

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Thank you! It sure does explain why I’m getting better in fighting!

I could make some snarky remark about it taking you getting exploded and podded 300 or more times before learning anything but, I’ll leave that to someone else I think.

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Ha! I know you’re joking but every death taught me something. Not after 300 deaths.

Just out of curiosity but, how did you manage to get repeatedly podded in LOW SEC where there are no bubbles to keep you from escaping?

Mostly because of convenience, sometimes I had to ask people to pod me. Got back into fight faster! I also wanted to get high number of deaths to prove that I am a warrior.

I had never really any reason to run away in my pod. I don’t wear implants.

Huh, ok. A high number of KILLS would show the same but hey, what do I know…

Anyway, congrats I guess.

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You have to first to learn to die, before you learn how to kill proper.

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Embrace your immortality and let it serve you well as you become the best version of yourself that you can be. Congratulations.


EXACTLY! Thank you!

Continuing to die is however a waste of clone technology. Not only the life has lost importance “because I can respawn” (unless someone negates the access at your clones), but there’s also who really needs of this technology more than warriors and fighters (example? Those who live in hostile ambient and economical, political, social situations). You reached a milestone, but please, save some syntetized organic compounds.

You have not died yet. Those other bodies were not you, nor were previous clones sharing my name truly the same person as me. Capsuleer technology is nothing more than a blasphemous mockery of immortality, ultimately a worship of death itself.

And here I thought you were supposed to be a faithful member of the Amarr Rite. The Theology Council’s said you’re wrong, you know.

True. Adding also this fact.

Woah! I envy you. I died only 82 times!

Each death is a step further from whatever weak beings we once were to our true form. Corpses are like old skin we shed to grow into something new each time. It’s a ladder I enjoy climbing - and pushing others up the stairs is also a great pleasure!

Congrats! I hope to reach that number too, one day.

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The Theology Council’s “Exhortation to the Faithful” contains more nuance than you indicate. It authorizes some use of cloning. It is not, however, a license to casually abuse cloning for the sake of convenience like capsuleers do. What we do is just casual murder and suicide.

And I will limit my comments on the matter, but the explanation seems oddly convenient considering the events which preceded it.

Nor have I said it is. I’ve simply stated that your claim that prior clones are not ‘you’ conflicts with the Theology Council’s judgment that the soul carries from one body to the next. Personally, I agree with you. But after all, my views on the subject are long-established and public.

If your 300 deaths have given you 300 lessons learned, then you will indeed be a formidable warrior!

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Hopefully not too many of those were caused via smartbombs. That’s a quick and nasty way to go.

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