A milestone reached!

The thing is, I believe our lives include deaths, until we permanently go off. That can happen any time, any day. So I live and die the fullest.


You’re on your way to glory!

I do try my best to not waste any of those deaths. Sure, most of them are for convenience, but instead of running away, having actually died helps me learn much better. It’s kind of like… How some people learn better after typing things down, or experiencing them. For me, death is the note I write in my notepad for fighting. It is what reminds me what happened and how to avoid it in future.

Ha, a few of them were! Nasty way to go indeed, but when I woke up in a new clone, I couldn’t help but laugh for how… Silly those situations were in their entirety.

The problem is that you’re not really dead.

Or am I? OooOo, I’m a ghooooost.

I used to take the pod express a lot as well. I don’t know exactly why, I felt like it took the sting out of the loss perhaps? Or maybe crawling back home for ten minutes knowing that only a flimsy and vulnerable construct stood between me and the cold expanse, seemed like a daunting task.

Nowadays though, getting my capsule out of harm’s way is my first priority after losing a ship. There’s just something much more valuable in holding onto that dear life (it’s not a High-grade Snake set), even if it may matter little in the grand scheme of things. When I start floating helplessly in space, it’s all about saving the flesh that keeps me alive for that very moment. That rush is something intrinsic to what we are as living beings, something I’ve come to cherish and uphold. Although I still die in completely avoidable ways, it’s never by my cooperation, and even if in futility, I’d much rather die seeking my homedock than resign myself to whatever my vanquisher chooses to throw my way.

This isn’t a lecture or anything, just thought I’d share my thoughts on the subject. I am not going to congratulate you for this particular achievement, but your persistence and dedication are commendable.

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No, you’re not. Check the Intergalactic definition of “Cerebral Death”.

Dang, guy got no sense of humor.


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