From Death, There Is Life

My heart is thumping. This is the only real thing I can feel, along side the current running through the connections into my spine.

I’ve never died before. Even though I’m told it will be painless, I still fear it.

It’s in our nature to survive.

My ship alerts start to go off…

Shields… Gone.

Armour… Gone.

Hull… This is it, I need to warp out.

My adrenaline pumps. I shake in my goo, I go tense. I feel the thud of my rifter explode around me.

I will my pod to warp again & again, it’s useless.

I hear the tell tail sound of my pod locking system ring out through the thick liquid. My pod is locked, they scramble me. I’m not going anywhere.

I receive a message: - Pwnd

Then Nothing…

You know the rest.

How high are you?

BUT you died in a RIFTER ! :+1:

Frankly , I dislike most things Minmatar .

But their ships are to die for .



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