What is the recommendation ship for me?

Before starting my thread, thx everyone who answered my question.
I tried to go and sell my BlackBird by the highest price. However, I met a bunch of pirate, and get boomed.

Fortunately, I followed golden rule, and still have 2mil ISK left + many modules to sell.
Anyway, I found out Cruiser is too expensive for me.
So I will stick with Destroyer or Frigate.
Here are my Likes

  1. Love 100% accuracy at medium ~ close range
  2. Prefer High Dmg that melt down enemies.
  3. Fast ship with somewhat tanky.
    (If I can’t take tank, I will just get speed)

Sounds like you want a merlin. High tank, pretty fast and 100% accuracy at 0 with blaster. Damage is also great, melts basically anything that you can catch.

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Blaster-boats sound like your thing.

Blasters are the “close range” hybrid turrets of the game.
Very low range, high tracking (see: high accuracy), and face melting damage.

I will warn you though… the problem with blaster boats is that fall under the very general category of “brawler tactics.”

Being a brawler is kind of an “all or nothing” sort of deal… you go in, you do as much damage as possible, and hope your tank will outlast the targets’.
It is LOADS of fun if you like to get the adrenaline pumping… but tends to be a little weak in the meta-game at smaller ship levels (which favors medium-long range skirmishing tactics) and in high-level fleets (which almost requires range to function at all).

Consequently… sticking with brawling tactics can get a little expensive (you WILL be dying a lot early on).


You are looking primarily at Caldari and Gallente ships.

Caldari gunboats are innately slower, but have more shield buffer (see: HP + Resistances), range, and better fitting slot layouts to increase utility and damage potential.
Gallente gunboats are capacitor (see: energy) hogs, but they have very good active armor repair bonuses and some have bonuses to accuracy or damage.

I would suggest looking at the Merlin (Caldari), Incursus (Gallente), and Atron (Gallente).
All of them are quite nice in the role of “in-yo-face” combat.

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Thx for your explanation, I will try Galletine, since I upgraded Armor a lot.

Not a problem. :slight_smile:

Some other pieces of advice I can give regarding blaster-boats:

  • Use Anti-matter ammo: The -50% range “bonus” the ammo has doesn’t really hurt when the built-in range of a blaster is generally less than 1000m. You may as well go for maximum damage at that point.

  • Don’t try to fit the biggest guns you can. Bigger guns may hit harder and reach further, but their accuracy and rate of fire suffers a bit.
    Blasters generally come in three “sizes” within each ship size: Electron (small), Ion (medium), Neutron (large).

  • You will need to fit a Warp-Scrambler when taking on other players: Warp Disruptors may have more range (20 to 24kms), but they won’t shut off any MicroWarpdrives or MicroJumpdrives. A Scrambler will do both, but at the cost of range (merely 8000 to 9000m).
    This is useful because you don’t want your target to escape or dictate range!

  • Depending on what you are doing, you will have to consider whether you want to fit a MicroWarpdrive or Afterburner.
    A MicroWarpdrive offers a 500 to 600% speed boost at the cost of total capacitor (see: energy) amount and, if you leave it on too long, will suck your capacitor dry in mere seconds. But it is useful when trying to quickly close range. Be aware that you can be Warp Scrambled too! (see previous point).
    An Afterburner will offer a more modest speed boost (~125%), but you can leave it on MUCH longer and is immune to Warp Scramblers. It is also easier to fit on a ship.

  • Stasis webifiers are HIGHLY recommended, but not absolutely mandatory. Webs will slow the speed of a target by 50 to 60%… increasing accuracy and range control.

  • Cap boosters and Nosferatus are your friends. The former will give you a quick infusion of energy when you need it, but take up a precious medium slot. Nosferatus will only drain a small amount of energy from your target within a certain range and it will take up a High-slot.
    Both will take up precious fitting resources from your ship (see: CPU and PG… the red and blue bars on the bottom of the fitting screen).

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Also consider joining a group of like minded players. There are new player corporations in all regions. Whether you want to fight in Highsec (Red vs Blue) or join the sovereignty wars in Nullsec (Brave Alliance)

Most provide training, scheduled roams with experienced fleet commanders and ship replacement programs.

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I like gallente, too, but I had great results with a Punisher. It can be sturdily tanked and has some slots for lasers. And for brawling, a Coercer is cool too - even more guns :wink:

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Nano-Coercers are a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Almost all gank and speed… let something get close and overload all the guns. Frigates and some Destroyers usually die before they realize they have to escape! :japanese_ogre:

hey … sounds like you should join a Corp and make some isk … learn … get a few free ships … such stuff …


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