What is the record for the most Concord pulls in a day?

Let’s ask the experts on the number of Concord pulls in a single New Eden Day! :partyparrot: :upvotepartyparrot: :wink:

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It can be looked up on zKillboard

I didn’t knew you can kill CONCORD ship :stuck_out_tongue:

It is supposedly treated as an exploit in regard of any attempt to delay CONCORD response :thinking:

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@Elinore_en_Divalone outside of high security space, CONCORD ships are similar to any navy/pirate faction NPC in certain combat sites.


Delaying Concord response outside of programmed parameters is an exploit, using disposable ships to make full use of those programmed parameters is not. The programmed parameters include Concord being delayed by up to 6 seconds if they’re elsewhere in a solar system but not closer than 150 km.

The last official word on the matter is as follows:

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This is the drama in which thus thread was derived for!

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