What is this blue box and how do I make it go away

A big blue box keeps popping up and trying to get me killed while I’m pvp’ing… what is it and much more importantly how to I stop it appearing… sometimes there’s a smaller box trying to make me click on something which doesn’t always go away and I have to re-log to make it go away… I swear it’s gonna get me killed, because it’s right over my UI.

Welcome to the tutorial.

To skip the tutorial, expand the Aura tutorial section on the left under System Name, Route. In the top right corner of the title of that HUD section, you find a small ?. Click it and then click “Skip Tutorial”. And now you can thank CCP for good UI design.

I’m not referring to the tutorial, I’m referring to the giant blue advert for some new feature called “The Agency”, that keeps re-opening, and sometimes when you close it leaves a large blue box pointing to “The Agency” button on the navbar (which remains above other windows).

Note to CCP, I’ve never looked at “The Agency”, and I already hate it with a passion due to this… great way to promote it!


Yea, pretty sure that’s something related to the tutorial.

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