What is your most useless project?

To date my most useless project is to fly a Monitor

I just started building one. Months ago I got a BPC for a low price (10Mill) and from time to time I would acquire the materials for it, and the required skills to build it starting with Industry V.

So why is this a pretty useless thing to do?

After manufacturing it. I will not be able to assemble it.

I need 52 days of training to assemble it.

The thought that I am in any way qualified to use it for its intended purpose is ludicrous in the extreme.

My Monitor is destined to join my collection of Hanger Queens, where it will take pride of place knocking my Echelon and Zephyr from their current top spots.

But it is going to take awhile.


My alpha solo-pvp char. Ha ha ha!

*wipes tears with loss mails.


Shilling for WiS. :pensive:


Buying zydrine and nocxium when if was looking as good investment. Invested 10 billion ISK (huge amount for me at that time) to have about 5-6 billion in product since then.

You can assemble ships you can’t fly, you just can’t sit in it :stuck_out_tongue:

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My ever growing BPO collection that I know for a fact will never get used enough to pay for themselves. and yet, I keep buying more.


Interacting with other players. Breaks the wall of being in an alternate universe, then crashing to ground with the pettiness and mundane. Thanks, but no thanks…

My attempt at a Tengu that I never even equipped.

I fought the lost batle to save WiS and the future of EVE Online after Incarna in 2011.
I fought the lost battle to save highsec PvE and EVE Online after Rubicon in 2013.
I won EVE Online and stopped playing it for good in 2016.

Now I am foreseeing the date of the death of EVE Online and things are looking good.

Learning to play an industrial char. Even with billions in bpo’s I just look atm them and want to shoot someone in the face.

My shiny Widow fully equiped.
But i don’t have other char to light a cyno, neither friends to do blackops with.


Yes BRO I aka want them all:joy:

Started ongoing project “Time To Do Some Pvp And Get A Kill”. So far, for this purpose, I bought two high sp characters, trained them even more. Then made three Alpha accounts. Then I manufactured and fitted Tristans so I can blow them up. Didn’t get there yet.

Trained for and bought a Panther. Just for the looks cause it’s useless in HS.

Trying to be an industrialist. Every so often I look at the BPOs and wonder if I should just auction them all off.
And I have a too many Claw BPCS :frowning_face:

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my semi-RP corp. not like im currently focusing too much on the game atm due to RL stuff but i even put an Ad in the game, in the forums and Reddit hoping to get some fresh blood into the corp but nothing so far. heck i even lowered the tax to a very low margin to see what happened but nope, i guess there’s just no interest on joining a group like that, less so when its very specific lorewise.


trying to sell off stacks of BPOs >.>

PI production of Gen Enhanced Livestock - Have around 200mil units, and never intend to sell any.

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Training skills to eventually fly an Orca. I’ll probably get bored of mining by then and go back to switching between several other careers.

I wouldnt say orca is useless, I use it for variety of purposes. Hauling, mining, transporting ships. I even treated it as a mobile home of sorts, moving with stuff from system to system. Lot of stuff can be made with it. For a multitude of reasons I keep it around, doesnt matter what career I pursue, its usefull to me.

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I have no doubt that it’s useful. But I’m doubtful that I can stick with the training. The skills for it are in my queue, but I tend to swap what I’m training for every few days.