What is the dumbest thing you have done in Eve?

I’m hoping you guys can make me feel better…

Early on when I just started playing, I only had limited set of modules, but I was swapping modules between different hulls for different purposes.

So there I am in a system next to Old Man Star at 2am thinking ‘just one more trip to fetch my PI’, jumped in my nereus there and warped into the system. Of course I get scrammed, but how can this be?

I look at my modules and lo! I hadn’t refitted and had no modules, not a single one. I was so confused I even got podded too.

I’m thinking there will be many 2am ‘just one more trip’ related fails out there…

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“Hmmm. Self-destruct button…”

And thus I lost my velator during basic flight school.


I once tried to move around 1.5 billion worth of modules and science stuff just before downtime through highsec to Jita (in a hauler not freighter), close to my total net worth, someone decided it would be fun to suicide gank me and I’m pretty sure they didn’t even get enough time to salvage or loot (maybe they did) because it was then downtime.

Silly Eve.

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You mean aside from subscribing?


Decided to deploy my drones before warping to the mission to save time once I got there.


Had fit my industrial with burst jammers while moving some high value stuff through low sec. Jumped through the gate and saw an ominous looking combat ship just sitting there, not moving. Decided to uncloak, align, and burst jam with everything I had. Which I did - successfully I might add. Except I then got killed by gate guns and CONCORD, and lost everything including all cargo, and the guy got a kill right on me and even put a bounty on me.

Why? It seems that I was confused and in fact was in a high sec system ONE GATE BEFORE the low sec system I was going into.

Who knew?


Dumbest thing I ever did in Eve was log in. Apart from that entering a previously scanned down wormhole in a retriever and saying hello in local.


Did an escalation in low sec with a whole bunch of people in local, deployed an mtu to get my loot, left it there to finish its job, then came back to get it and salvage the wrecks … Yeah. That’s how I learned you can scan down mtu’s.


Close a wormhole with a dread without knowing the mass first, get stuck in null without jump-fuel or scanner. About 2 hours later, the dread was safely in lowsec thanks to a few corp-mates who brought me fuel and lit the cyno. A few days later I was back in our wormhole.


Fell for one of the simplest scams there is. Bought a module worth 200 million for 2 billion because they had done the put-an-extra-0-in-there-and-hope-some-fool-falls-for-it thing. “Oops…oh no…did I really just do that?” *DOH! Felt pretty dumb.


During a wardec I had an alt jump my rhea from LS to HS and was curious about the bomber seemingly AFK on the HS gate in LS…once in HS I was no longer curious about it, I knew what it was doing there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also my most painful lesson in EVE.

Within an hour I was training an OOC NPC corp hauler/freighter pilot.

Sold my very first toon with no reason

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Not too long ago, I literally started playing with my cat while just at start of a PvP engagement on one of my alts. As a result I lost my ship, which was a bit blinged + pod with somewhat decent implants for about 2.5-3 bil total.

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I think the last post is not perfect and can have interpretations in a bad way. I apologize for that.

Strictly saying this is not may fault, but like Ray Hu has said, I had to take responsibilities for the unintentional consequences. I understand many people got to rant about it. It is okay. It is part of the Five Stages of Grief.

When I started playing EVE I heard of the stories of spying and betrayal, of many people’s game ruined by one individual’s action. From BOB to Judge this keeps happening in the game. But after playing this game for two years as a line member of a corp, I thought this is never a possibility for me. But I am wrong. CCP and the localization developers put up this challenge to me, though I still believe I really had nothing to do with this. And my actions are not betryal. It is only my deep compassion towards the state of Chinese players lead to my efforts to talk to CCP and community about this matter of Chinese localization. On the other hand many people argued that if we leave the matter of this grey area alone and don’t talk at all, it may live as long as EVE itself. I think maybe they are right, but what is done can’t be undone. That’s the reason why I decided to be patient when CCP is slient on the matter of Chinese localization, and also why I feel that I have to say something when CCP does something.

All I can do is to explain to people the facts about why CCP is doing this and not going back and advise them to talk with CCP to try find a solution. Some people says talking that much still doesn’t mean anything. But I think it is better than doing nothing.

Well, even after all those unfortunate incidents, we still have to move on.

Are you finished with your apology tour yet? How many different forums and threads do you need to post this in?

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Wrong thread, sweetie.
Think you took a wrong turn at Albuquerque

–Gadget sells maps New and Old

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Why not? I believe this is a thing I have done in EVE, and it is a thing partly dumb.
Moreover, the OP is asking for something that makes him/her feel better, so I am just giving him/her an example of how I get over this and feel better.

I know many of you seriously don’t like reading a wall of post, so I’d just write a TLDR:

CCP made some changes disabled access to Chinese localization. I were blamed because I asked some questions about it before. But I think it is not my fault while many people on internet think otherwise.

Fc : “Eh lads , we have a tail”

Shitfaced me : “no worries, its a rookie ship, I’ll gank it with my alt”

I failed to gank it with my alt

Whole gang : “ehh, Ralph … Are you plannin to get yer pod out mate?”

Shitfaced me : “bah, no worries, she’s empty anyway”

She wasn’t

I have more but that’s the first that pop’s to mind


Extracted one of my 90m SP alts forgetting why it existed (I had thought at the time it was just another fleet alt of mine). Turns out it was my incursion alt for when war times in null don’t allow for ratting. I didn’t realize what I had done until we (TEST) started moving south initially to take Eso and had need of it.