The 'Silliest Mistake Playing Eve' Thread

Yes, lets embarrass ourselves with regaling of our silliest mistakes. I’ll go first…

So, one of my newer chars arrives back at Uedama in an Eagle and swaps out of the combat clone and into their regular clone for better SP. Having done that, they then undock to fly the Eagle to Dodixie to pick up some stuff.

But what’s this ? The turret icon looks odd, and I cannot get ‘overheat’ to work. It suddenly dawns on me that I have no working weapons, just as I am approaching the Uedama/Sivala gate. Darn it…this must be a major bug or something. I quickly change course and dock in Sivala, intending to announce to my corp that Eve is broken. But then when I dock it dawns on me. The reason the turrets wont work is lack of power. And the reason for lack of power is that I couldn’t be bothered waiting 23 days for Advanced Weapon Upgrades V so I plugged in an implant for that instead.

And the implant was only in my combat clone, which I’d changed out of. D’oh.

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Back in the Halcyon Days on 2013, the day the Rubicon expansion launched. I was a relative noob, flying PVE L4s in a Navy Raven. A ship I barely had the skills to fly, but flew in a big fleet so it was all good. This was long before the advent of skill injectors so many of my skills were sub-par to say the least. So I did what most new players do when they realise they can’t use decent modules or have good performance: I blinged it with faction gear. Of course!

So there I am, flying around in my 4bil Isk Navy Raven, having just bought a full rack of Guristas Cruise launchers and wanted to test them out. So I decided to shoot a can someone had left out that was cluttering up an asteroid belt in my home system. But it didn’t fire. Weird, I thought to myself. It’s not a player?! WTF?! So I switched off my safeties (yes, yes I know! Now at least…) and as my glorious curise missiles sped to their target, my screen goes red… Yes I had just CONCORDOKKENED my self shooting someone’s can… 4 bil down the drain (and no corpies around to loot my wreck to save at least some of my investment).

That story got used A LOT for the next few years… I told it often myself as an object lesson in not flying bling, always having green safeties and not being a complete prat. A painful lesson, but one I learned very well!

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You reminded me of another one. I was barely a few days into Eve and was getting cocky about how easily my Venture’s drones were seeing off the NPC rats. So I figured that anything red in the asteroid belt would be easy to kill. So along comes these red ships I had never seen before…Autothysian Lancers. Yet another easy kill…

Oh dear. I have left them alone ever since.

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Happened in the System of Evati. We were all happy flashy -10 pirates, doing our little pirate stuff, collecting criminal timers.

Unfortunately there are two stargates in there, one leading to
Anher, the other leading to Arnher.

Guess which gate we wanted to take and which gate we took. And how the fleet ended.

On an alt of mine i had every BPO and BPC that I owned over all my characters and I stored them in a T1 hauler. One day forgetting that they were stored in that hauler I undocked and made my way to jita. Of course I got ganked on the way.

Zkill put the loss at just over 2b, but all the BPOs were researched to a high number (i cannot recall if it was the old system or 10/20 back then) but in real terms the loss was a lot higher in ISK value.

Not sure if it was the silliest, but one mistake was when I once alt-tabbed out of the game on an alt. I wanted to check something else, forgot I was playing and eventually came back to see my wreck at a gate.

A classic :smiley:

I made so many mistakes… but this is a special one:

I anchored a small control tower in lowsec once to use it as a mining base. I had one of those relic-compression arrays (before the porpoise and orca got compression). so that was really neat to store all the minerals.

Of course at one point it was reinforced by some pirates so I went there and wanted to get the ores out… just then I realized it was impossible to scoop the stuff while the tower was reinforced. :face_holding_back_tears:

Two weeks of lowsec mining and billions of ISK were now tied to this small POS. In the end people showed up and helped me defend it so after we repaired the shields we could get it all out but it was a really close call :smiley:

Over the years I’ve made lot’s of silly mistakes. However the one’s I feel are the silliest is when the game decides to counter your commands…

This happened years and years ago so I don’t exactly remember the specifics pertaining to it. I do remember having Autopilot engaged and when I tried to deactivate it by clicking the Autopilot button, I received this message:

23:36:17 Notify Automatic override. Manual control overridden by autopilot. Please wait for operation to complete. You can override the automatic autopilot override in 10 seconds. Then you can make it wait.

Needless to say I was very surprised and felt extremely silly about it. To this day I still can’t figure out how or why it happened… Guess it was just a glitch in the matrix…


Not long after starting the game, I went to Lowsec to do some ratting in my shiny new Arbitrator.

After waiting a few minutes, when nothing had happened, I opened my browser and found a Lowsec ratting guide. It was well-written, fascinating stuff. I was completely engrossed.

Headphones off, I lit another cigarette (yes, I know…) and relaxed into my reading session.

At first, I didn’t notice, but there seemed to be strange lights and other graphical oddities happening just beyond the borders of the browser. What a great game! I thought.

Eventually, I closed the browser, now much more up-to-speed about Lowsec ratting and looking forward to swatting the buggers with my drones.

No ship, dead pilot floating in space, orphaned drones. I had been reading about the dangers of Lowsec - and completely ignored all the warnings.

What a tool!


The moral of the story: