What is the the most nasty thing you ever did in EvE?

The title says it. Im just bored and want to hear stories.

Back at the start of my eve career joined a group made of several small hs corps and did missions/mining with them after receiving 1-2 wardecs I left joined another corp then convinced my new CEO to dec my former friends,I led the festivities by blowing up several players and reffing/destroying a hs research pos,my former friends acted as I found out through more years of gameplay as any carebears would-throwing smacktalk,real life insults and refusing to log in again until the war was concluded.Another nasty thing I used to do was ransom people when they paid would blow them up because why not double the gain.

Got pissed off at ecm pilot’s so every time I see one I stalk them with my alt and kill every one of their ships I can even if its suiciding in high. ECM pilots be warned.


Once, my rookie ship “drifted” a little too close to a smartbombing Scorp Navy in a hisec combat site.


This is so evil. I love it.

Stir up trouble all over the forums to try initiate change for e-war.

Well, i did once murder this kid who was annoying me…

Oh wait, you mean in eve? Uhh, not much, im a pretty nice guy.

this: https://ningishzidda.deviantart.com/art/The-Avenging-Angel-Gian-Bal-Varrinox-Golden-740402581

reflected a very real alliance takedown which is ongoing atm, also it’s character abuse, I think. haha

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