What music are you listening today?

Lovin the swing vibe at the mo and a lot of Parov Stelar

The trailer that awoke me to this game. Still enjoyed.

I’ve been with this guitar riff in my head all day. So, why not share it?

Los Sírex - El tranvía (1965)



Pistol? Trained in pencat silat, no need for guns. Juicce WRLD has amazing flows, your music choices are meh.

■■■■ your pistol, let see you if you can flow…

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It’s got music, and instruction also. A defensive weapon shown by a master to music, like a music video. I don’t see point of flagging. Are people afraid of anything and everything outside of eve?

What’s the music?

The Black Crowes - Topic
Published on Oct 11, 2018

Best for eve forums listeners. LALA. The black crows were marijuana advocates and their music? meh.

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Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

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9,192,972 views ; 43K Thumbs Up (0.46% of views) , 1K Thumbs down (2.3% of Thumbs Up)

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WHOA HAHAHAH This game is for faucet failures.