What music are you listening today?

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Mondo Cozmo - “Shine”

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College radio is the best. No corporate playlists.

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the man in black - Gods Gonna Cut You Down

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Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - All The Hurts We Made

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Oh hai,
it’s been a while, I believe. I just stumbled upon this beautiful piece by Ms. O’Connor and it instantly reminded me of EVE.

I kind of miss all those mind games, deceit and treachery.
But those new forums…uggh…:confounded:

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You see, Darby here was snooping around and made his way into the King of the Little Peoples’ cave. And now they’re going to do poor Darby in—he went where he didn’t belong and saw what he shouldn’t have seen, so so much for that. But Darby wants to get out, and he wouldn’t mind a little action on those those pots full of gold he spied…

(An old Walt Disney movie, from the early 60s I’d guess. Check out the gigantic set built to produce the old special analog special effects. (I’m guessing that’s what they did?) But more fun, check the Olympic gymnastics dancing. BTW the Darby guy wasn’t a pro actor, he was found in a pub in a small town in Ireland, and he just built a bigger and better Darby). As the Youtube uploader said-- WTF?

(Ishtanchuk Fazmarai) #378

Probably they used a mix of techniques, with double exposure bieng the main: take picture of the large set with actors portraying little people and then the smaller set with the exact same elements and perspective with the actor playing Darby, then combine both in a single photogram by overlapping and taking a picture of the combined photogram… plus, since the little people are sped up, this means that some frames were removed from the “big set” roll. The good news is that double exposure could be done with a specialyzed Disney machine feeding both rolls into a single exposure roll. The bad news is that matching them both and getting the right exposure for the final photogram required extremely good skills and hard work. But then, Disney in the 60’s were leaders in the matter.

BTW, the big set didn’t required to be that big: painted backgrounds to add a impression of depth were another of old Disney’s masteries.

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Also, I was here to share a classic…

The Guess Who - American Woman (1970)

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Foo Fighters - Run

Sir Sly - High

Royal Blood – Lights Out

Queens of the Stone Age - The Way You Used to Do (Audio)

Nine Inch Nails – LESS THAN

Cold War Kids - Love Is Mystical

George Ezra - Don’t Matter Now

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Funny lyrics

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Listening to songs on this channel.

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Waxahatchee || Live @ 885 KCSN || “Never Been Wrong” -
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Metallica -The Unforgiven Guitar solo Gayageum ver. by Luna

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The Sheepdogs - “I Don’t Know” - official music video

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Glen Campbell - Galveston

Glen Campbell - By The Time I Get To Phoenix

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