What qualifies as excessive use of the swagger API?

I am building a web mail application and I’m a bit concerned with the end point that gets mail headers. It returns 50 of them at once and you have to keep using it to grab all of your headers. If I wrote a loop that kept grabbing headers until all of them were loaded would that be considered excessive use? I’m new to developing and I’m worried that hitting the API too quickly will incur a ban. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any other way of getting all your headers.

Any help or suggestions are welcome.

If you’re not getting 420, you’re good.

I don’t follow.

There is no rate limit if you are not causing errors. If you are, you’ll get code 420 responses after some time which will force you to slow down. So, if you are not getting 420 you are not doing anything wrong, so go as fast as you wish, as long as you wish.

good to know, thanks for your help.

Its good manners to take only what you need. Also follow the cache timers and use your head. I.e. requesting all market history every 20 minutes is a bad idea, when it only changes once a day.

I do exactly the same, for my mail app since I dont want to keep mails of users. The way ‘pagination’ works for mails you will end up doing sequential calls which is not that bad. I got about 100 users and no complaints so far.

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