What’s your new favorite pve hull?

Yah the shield tanked kronos (used in WTM fleets) is the worlds worst fit and if it were to be used in anything but incursions could probably die from a simple orbit from some frigates. Some people like turreted weapons. More power to them! I don’t mind rail guns I have a thing for hybrid snipers.

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Wow That’s horrifying. I’m not running anything that janky haha, just slightly slower for wormhole anomalies than a golem. By slightly I mean much

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The ONI is great. Are you using HAM’s and a passive tank?

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Today, it’s the catalyst. I forget that it’s not JUST a suicide ganking platform. Sent the babies to abyssal duos. :smiley:

It is a good salvager platform too along with the rest of the T1 destroyers and is a capable ratting ship for the early game, I even completed the SoE with it back in the days when I was new.


Abaddon - because lasers and Style

Navy Armageddon - because it PEWPEW lasers really fast (I am bad and don’t group my weapons here just to watch the stream of lasers like on a coercer)

Dragoon - Nice all-around ship that can salvage/mission/anoms/sites

Purifier - because Stealth bomber

MAYBE the new Navy Turkey? Beam lasers + drones + tank, basically a BIGGER fatter dragoon

in general anything AMARR - GLORY TO THE EMPIRE!

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When you care enough to disintegrate the very best.

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Drek really has a huge array of serious business pve applications, links and rr for such a low sp and isk cost

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Been slowly training into the triangle lame ships. Haven’t flown one yet tho

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They’re all amazing and versatile. Vedmak is a perfect cruiser.

Yah, I flew the Kikimora for the Cadari Union Day Event. I like how it handles. Awesome for the event.

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The epithal used to be my favourite, but now it’s the tayra.

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a GLORIOUS Ship of the empress and the gods!

but you need some minmatar slaves to clean it squeaky clean… it’s not gold or shiny enough…heretics shall perish…

A hull that doesn’t go exploder everywhere.

Pretty low on the food chain I admit… But I am loving my Algos for belt ratting inc clone soldiers. FIt with blasters and T2 Drones and just cruise through the systems A Belts. That is most of all PvE I do


Algos is great! Can do really well in pochven as well :smiley:

what lvl and what version

Trig? I can fly up to dessies now. Eventually going to train into the leshak I guess.

My goal when I first played EVE was to be able to fly every sub-cap ship and never to fly capitals or above :smiley:

nice hey do you want some more antimatter charges