What’s your new favorite pve hull?

I get a little tired of all the gilas and ishtars, what’s something fun you’ve been exploring new Eden pve with?

For me, I’ve been really enjoying my stormbringer in abyssals. That big ZAP is so satisfying, I’ll probably see about dragging it into other content and pvp soon. Seems like it would perform well outnumbered.

Tell me something nice about a ship you’ve recently come to love. It’s okay if it’s a gila or Ishtar :stuck_out_tongue:

PvE hull or abyssal?

Phanthasm, confessor, Machariel are my favorites. Main issue is that expect confessor are quite ugly…


Never liked the rust, largely avoided flying Minmatar for years and had never injected cap skills on any of my previous characters but with my 10-year anniversary approaching i felt it was time to stop waiting for a certain degree of proficiency and just go for it.

Best decision i’ve made in years and wish I had gotten into caps sooner. Ratting is so much more relaxing now that I can warp in to sites at 100, stay aligned while ratting, tank everything without touching the repper and either warp off or jump to cyno at the slightest hint of trouble.

I’m making 30-35m ticks with ESS which is about 10m better than my old Golem, and don’t have to worry about being tackled by someone in the middle of a bastion cycle.

Your pick! The confessor is GORGEOUS, and the machariel is one of the hulls that has aged the best. I’ll agree that the phantasm is an acquired taste haha.


Carrier ratting is soooo much fun, I totally forgot. I used to spend hours and hours in my Thanatos, might be time for me to consider super ratting. Glad you’re loving it :smiley:

Last major ship I bought for PVE was my lv 4 golem.

We all know the same golem lover’s story. I won’t bore with the details. Looks great, missiles explode, Serve the Cadari State!

The Hawk is good stuff for the abyss!


Thunderchild and Stormbringer in combination with some basilisk :slight_smile:

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The hawk is amazing for abyssals! I had so much fun with some irl friends, and the cost is so low you can laugh off every loss. Are the enemies more dangerous, or the red wall? :stuck_out_tongue:

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:smiley: I’m finally getting to enjoy the stormbringer, but I’m sure you’re having a lot more fun haha

There’s nothing boring about loving your marauder. I’m personally a Kronos man myself, but I can definitely see the appeal of application and damage selection for dedicated pve

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I’ve begun using an osprey navy issue for high sec combat sites. It’s definitely not optimal, but it’s fun zooming around in it.

And it looks better than the more optimal jackdaw I was using.

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Machariel so far has made team L4’s nice, especially with the angel hex skin.

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I really really enjoy using my Navy Drake on PvE. It can run a lot of L2/3 missions but not quite 4.

When it comes to abyssals the Gila is obviously my first choice but the worm in T2 is also quite fun.

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I remember when the drake dropped. It was a game changer.

We used to run 3s in a ferox :smiley:

I remember when the myrm dropped too. It was the terror of low for a while LOL.


I used to run lv 4’s in a Naga man. I don’t know how I pulled it off :laughing: Some missions the naga worked and some it got rekt.

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Confessor and Jackdaw.
Drekavac of course.
New respect for the Armageddon (switching from naga) even. Not an optimal isk/hr solution like an Ishtar, but it’s fun experimenting.
And mentioning a paladin would be silly, so I didn’t :grin:

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I’m getting mileage out of my Raven for L4 sites, but also loving my Osprey NI for fast (very fast) L2 blitzing.

For general hunting for escalations I’m using a cheap Moa.

I want a Golem in the end, but not in any rush yet.

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Love all these great responses.

Mine for today is my Kronos, even though it’s SOOOO SUBOPTIMAL

and I’m remembering to love my vedmak