Best Caldari PVE builds

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I am a old EVE Veteran but I have been out of the game for over a year and I am looking to get back in with some PVE. I have a caldari character, and ISK isn’t a problem. So what are the best ship builds for me to have a self-sufficient and profitable PVE character.

Believe it or not if you have the skills I love my Rokh, it hits them from far away, or even a Praxis with rails (350 or 450), with sentry drones will do great.

But the absolute best in my opinion is the Barghest, if I ever get too much DPS and bit of trouble I turn to this.

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discovered the barghest recently.

That thing is a monster. Rattle is boring as ■■■■ and slow enough to make me fall asleep in every jump. Raven is nice because very small tank, need to be a good sniper, that’s interesting.

Barghest eats rats like there is no tomorow. with 3 hyperspatials, you can fit passive shield, or active shield, did not try armor yet, it’s faster, more tank, more DPS, more targeting speed than the raven. It lacks a bit of application but the raw DPS makes up for it (you can use T2 painter and T2 guidance precision script). nanofiber, damage control, invul, 2 LSE => 100k ehp.

did not try the rokh, I made some simulations and it was either lacking fit, or cap, or targeting range, just could not make myself like it.

No, no your’e not. Its a FIT, been a fit for 16 years.

If you haven’t tried Abyss yet, Gila (of course) works well to start out with. I’ve also been experimenting with Cerberus for darks, and maybe later on, Eagle for other filaments.

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What would be a good Gila and Cerberus fit, I can fly both?

This is a good starting place for abyssal gila fit for lower tiers:

Don’t run dark abyss, unless you got the right ship/fit. For higher tiers for gila requires a lot of investment and acknowledgment of risks. This guide is a long read, but worthwhile:

And here is Cerberus fit within same guide:

Also keep in mind if you haven’t run Abyss yet, it can be rewarding and fun, however, not only do you face risks within the abyss, and optional PvP, but there is also the small chance that running blingy fits you might exit the abyss staring down the barrels of some 1400mm arties. As always, “fly what you can afford to lose”.


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