Recommended Agile PVE ship (Up To Lvl 4)

Hello, Capsuleers. I’ve recently tried a kitting a PvE Rokh, didn’t go too well. I’ve found out that it might have been my playstyle that caused my Rokh to be annihilated. I really like agile ships that can quickly dispatch one enemy and go on to the next with not many problems. So I’m curious about what is the ‘best’ or recommend PvE ship for fast-paced combat. Cost is not a problem, I do prefer Caldari ships but any fraction/race is fine. Thanks, in advance

Fly safe, o7

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Well, the obvious answer would be a Machariel here:

  • Agile
  • Quick
  • Loads of DPS

You are looking for a tengu.


+1 for mach

the t3 cruisers could fit the description, but I don’t really like them.

Thank you, that’s the ship I’m looking for.


Macherial for range tanking :] or tengu, loki for speed/sig tanking, Heavy assault cruisers can do both pretty decently as well for an alternative but not as well as the other 3. On a side note that green macherial skin * _ * wish ccp added that green skin to the cynabal would give an arm and a leg for it.

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Caldari + agile in 1 sentence make me smile.
For kult o’ spid go matar. Caldari are good for missiles, ecm and omfgwtfisthatshields. Tengu being exception cause t3 are just that badly designed.

cough the Jackdaw has a sub 2 second align time which is commonly known as agile.

The Caldari Navy Hookbill, Caracal and Osprey are pretty agile too.

Just because some developer is very minmatar biased, doesn’t mean you can dismiss Caldari supremacy.

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Caldari are some of the best pve kiters in game, Iv seen people clear c5 wormhole content with a solo raven or cerb.

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Methinks Tashya has not embraced the MJD.

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And the Eagle as the worst…

Oh and the Sin would be the winner of the battleship-ish agility contest with a base of 6.88 seconds align time without any modules on with the inertia bonus at level 5.

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At least Eagle got a buff, but it’s probably not enough, cerb is on another level.

If cost is no issue and you have all relevant skills at 5s, then flying a polarized tengu is an absolute blast. the dps is insane but you have to seriously watch the tank, go active shield. and its a caldari ship.

… Optimal range with spike and 250mm railguns is 121/145km. I don’t know how I would have a need for some small drones at that range…

At least with a remote hull rep capacitor bonus we could call it a buff - somehow.

LOL, the enemy fleet wont all be at max range you will have all the tackle and interdictor’s much closer which the drones can take care of, but yea I think it will need a more serious buff for it to be competitive.

Blaster Kronos. Next to the Machariel it’s the fastest blitzing battleship out there, does decent full clears and has the added advantage of being able to salvage the juicier missions without having to bookmark and return.

It’s one of the few ships where you can get away with a minimum of Faction/Deadspace bling and almost run T2 exclusively (a pair of Faction mag stabs and large Deadspace armor repairer are all you really need).

It will also outperform a Rattlesnake since even with less DPS you need almost no tank on the Kronos, it can MJD around wherever it needs to be and can move and shoot at the same time. You need a minimum of bling: a Deadspace large armor repairer and 2 Faction mag stabs. That’s literally it.

Blasters can reliably hit out to 70km (great for sniping) , small ships can be hit down to ranges of 15-20km, 5-second reload, 80 ammo capacity and best of all you can run cheap T2 ammunition exclusively.


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