What ship ccp do you think ccp will bring out next year

Oh. You don’t understand idioms.

Got it :smiley:

These videos show ship size comparison to people, buildings and other man made objects.

In this first video, you can see just exactly how large the shuttles are in relation to the size of human’s…

In this 2nd video the very first ship shown flying over the city is the Amarr Shuttle…


and capsule size just little large than human as picture showing…


okay, I understand now T3 Amarr Shuttle actually can mount Capsule due size just little large than tiny Human.

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Yup, shuttles could easily carry over a dozen Capsules and still have room inside for all those extra weapons… :grinning:

The actual size of the Eve ships in those videos is definitely impressive…

Also I’d give you a ‘LIKE’ but it seems my allotment for today has run out.

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You link the best videos. :heart:


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