New ship Idea, FC Transport

Idea for The devs, I won’t be monitoring this, So I really don’t care about the trolls “doing their thing”

There has been much discussion regarding Headshotting FCs and one of the downsides of fatigue has been getting FCs to developing conflicts.

The ship the Reaper, carrier of souls.

The ship is designed to transit The highest risk areas, at the greatest of speeds, because it is so effective it is SERIOUSLY limited in its capabilities, but what it does it does supremely well.

The ship has no High slots, no mid or low slots, and no rigs.

Therefore It has no offensive capability, and is unable to cloak or light a Cyno.

Cargo hold 0m
Special Cargo hold, able to load and carry a maximum of two pods.
Special cargo hold no 2 able to carry two fitted cruisers, normal restrictions apply to their cargo (ammo and charges only)

Interdiction nullified.
1.0 second align.
Resists and tank to prevent the possibility of smartbombing.
Immune to fatigue

Warp speed +40

This gains effective invunerability to all interdiction. And allows the carrying of an FC clone and a reserve, together with FC ships into a “hot” and strongly defended conflict zone. It has absolutely no other capabilities whatsoever. This allows FC transport and replacement, without requiring specialised FC ships.

Operating range, controlled by capacitor availability and recharge rate. This allows developer tuning to their desires.

A valid alternative, that resolves a number of issues introduced by the introduction of fatigue (which was entirely required)

a ship, capable of carrying two assembled cruisers, can’t have an align time of a second. think about it, to store two assembled ships it needs to have a huge amount of storage room and has to be balanced regarding the mass, like every other ship that carries lots of load.

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nice troll over, should be able to fit an assemble wheelchair faction fitted ofc.


After having read this gem of a post I can’t imagine why anyone would trollpost on this most brilliant of ideas…

Pal, you’re seriously very far removed from reality and it’s time for you to seek professional help. Or go and play World of Warcraft, might fit you better.

I’m fairly sure that thinking, game balance and logic aren’t familiar words to the OP :stuck_out_tongue:

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But can carry 2 x fitted T3 cruisers which can do both insanely well.

If FC’s are being headshotted the fleets need to plan better, not cry for an unstoppable people carrier that can cross new eden in under a minute at 0 risk.

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