CCP, why did you lie

Im pretty sure this is not allowed in-game. If youre going to include actual gameplay, please make sure that its accurate. We dont want to see carriers in hisec running missions.


Why should ccp ON THEIR OWN SERVER not be allowed to make promos?

The game does not belong to you it belongs to them so what is your point…

I see what’s flying there but still…their server…

Even if they decide a titan would look better even if it is in 1.0,still THEIR decision…and still it would be no lie…

I mean i’m not defending ccp very often but this is ridiculous.

Its deceptive, though. And thats the point.

Can any player who watches this video and joins the game, expect to do this?


You could always say “So what if they showed someone piloting a sleeper battleship, even though players cant fly that, ever? Its their game and they can show whatever they want”.

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Since when have trailers or comercials to be true?

Does this happen in your world?

So come on…

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A new player wouldn’t have a clue what anything on the UI means, let alone if it’s deceptive or not.

Only a no life pedant who spends his time actually looking for stuff like this to work himself into a frenzy over would even notice it.


Any chance this could have been on the test server?..

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Removed an off topic post.

Damn right, I support the rule of highsec “Thou shalt bring thine Drake into the clouds of high sec space.”

That aside, it’s probably one of the remainers of old, like the Veldnaught! (

Since the first lawsuit regarding deceptive or false advertising was launched against a company?

This does happen in our world.

Seriously? Youve never realized this?

Unless people have the ability to move ships using GM commands, no.

McDonald’s better get their act together and start making their food look as good as their advertising. :smile:


Maybe there are changes afoot on EVE that haven’t been announced yet - Also it would appear that a lot of the video was shot on SISI or one of CCP’s development servers where anything is possible

I dont know the OP’s country of origin but here in the good ole US, marketing claims are commonly lies. For some reason the stupid consumers put up with it and even expect it to some degree as is demonstrated by other replies to this topic. I think it is a generational thing as the young ppl coming up understand that no one is going to tell them the truth about anything so it seems quite normal. Caveat emptor

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Yeah, most of those were in the US. When the Claims are called out for being lies, the companies often pay a lot of money and are forced to stop lest even more lawsuits pop up.

Abnormal is new normal, sad to see it really. But one could ask, wat is normal akchually?

Well, yeah, if youre a GM, anything and everything is possible, irrespective of whether youre on the test server or the actual server. If i were a GM, i could move a Hel into hisec, and fly it around shooting people.

How do you know they’re lying?
If it is actualy a “new feature” teaser?


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have you ever seen a McDonald burger commercial? Have you ever had a McDonald burger? Now THAT is a lie! :smiley:


Well… McDonald’s limits their client base to very special kind of people who don’t care whet they eat.
I Don’t think they have something to worry about :grin:

That’s a stupid remark. They have absolutely no way to restrict who they serve.

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