EvE ads are hilarious

Trying to attract unaware new players with pitches like “Make the jump, captain, seize your destiny.” and others, I always laugh because if CCP were honest the ads should say:

“Your next ship loss is one jump away.”
“Make the jump, captain, seize your ship insurance.”

and others… always a good laugh.


My favorite was always ‘Play Your Way’… meanwhile the nullseccers are hellbent on forcing everyone to bow to their style, using the CSM to force players into pvp and away from pve.

Also ‘Sandbox’… where virtually every pve activity has bad to severe ship type limitations. Also, carriers and dreads not being allowed in highsec simply doesn’t make sense. Give more players more access to all ships, regardless of play style.

95% of players will never see, much less fly a titan. Probably 80%, same with super-carriers. Keepstars allowed in highsec, but their only real counter not? Sounds like CCP colluded with the nullseccers (again imposing their will on highsec, pve types when they have no interest in highsec game play, and only mock it) to make that happen.

An unbreakable grip on the highsec economy, leeching off of the players they hate. Pathetic for CCP to allow it without a real counter.


Why don’t you put up your own keepstar?


I saw a titan once.

It was very inspiring, because for the first time ever, I finally got to see what a REAL PvPer looks like.

I never seen one. Probably never will. :frowning:

Do you have to tell your puppy to follow you around and post right after you do? Or is it just that well trained?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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You are just jealous cuz you have no friends.

Aiko :princess:

Hello forum

There are 4 Titans parked in Amarr, I flew real close to them :smiley: Never would want to fly a gazilloon-isk pixelship anyway. I abhor waste.

Same with most warships. Never saw an aircraft carrier in real. Don’t need to.

Yea. A tall order for any developer. Few games actually achieve the golden standards of Sandbox.

:sweat_smile: Be all that you can be… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Fifie the Capsuleer

They should have their ads filled with lewd content, that turns heads

Truth in advertisement will never happen. They are not the only ones who make the game look better than it really plays out. I recall Dead Space 2 came out with an ad “Over 200 mothers were subjected to some of the most disturbing footage in video game history.” Yes, EA thought it was a brilliant idea to cast women tied to a chair and forced to view their video games.

There are some disturbing fake ads for games out there. The ones with little chibi knight rescuing princesses being molested in towers. Clicking this will most likely take you to Forge of Empires or some other G rated online freemium game. CCP doesn’t corner the market in fake ads just yet, but they are getting there.

Seems like some people simply don’t get it: no risk no fun!
You have so many choices of game play in EVE so that I wouldn’t call the above mentioned ads as wrong. Yes, they do not mention risk, but risk is everywhere and standard. You are already at risk leaving you bed.

Isn’t there an NPC Titan in the Amarr system or something next to the imperial academy or whatnot? You can always check out that one. :wink:

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If they were honest they would show this stuff before someone signs up so they know what kind of game (and monetization) they are dealing with:

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I’ve never seen the term ‘Real PvP’ used anywhere other than on these forums.

That’s just pure nonsense. In my 18 months in Eve nobody has ever ‘forced’ me to do anything. Even within my corp or alliance, I don’t ‘have’ to attend events…though I often do. There’s nobody with a roster checking off who showed up. I have various corp ‘duties’ that I signed up for and volunteered for…such as buying and distributing implants to members. And the entire rest of the time, which is essentially 90% of my time…I just do my own thing.

There’s 4 of them parked outside the main trading station at Amarr.

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