What ship should i mine with

what ship should I mine with that is not a venture in low sec that could defined itself without omega?

None. There is no mining vessel for you without Omega other than a Venture.

Other alpha ships can be fitted to mine - battleships, for instance. However at their best they won’t mine much more than the Venture, they won’t hold as much ore, and they’ll just be a much more expensive killmail when you inevitably get killed in low sec. Because a ship fitted for any level of mining won’t be able to defend itself in low.

Your best bet is use the Venture, use D-Scan, keep an eye on local, be ready to run. Or again use the Venture but start WH diving for gas huffing.


okay i need to find a guide to gas

A Vexor is replaceable and adaptable when out adventuring in places new. Although mining drones don’t cut it in comparison to ORE hulls.

Alphas can’t use mining drones…


Eve Online Gas Harvesting Guide - Saarith.com.

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The venture is a perfectly fine ship to mine with in low sec.

It’s not the ship that will keep you alive, but your wits.

Learn to watch local, and learn how to use your d-scanner to see potential threats warping to you.


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