What skills are required to compress ore at a station?

What skills are required to compress ore at a structure than can compress ore? Is it just if the structure has that service available or does it depend on capsuleer trained skills also?

What skills are required to compress ore on a piloted porpoise?

When searching for information so much old stuff comes up that isn’t even there anymore and lots of the newer is conflicting.

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No skills are required to compress in a structure, you just need access and a structure with the refining module online.

The skills to compress in a Porpoise are listed on the Medium Asteroid Ore Compressor, with those skills are the skills needed for a Industrial Core, which needs to be fit and active to run the Compressor.

You will also need fuel in the form of Heavy Water to run the Compressor on the Porpoise.


To do it efficiently you will need skills in the processing skill tree.

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Incorrect, this is for reprocessing. Compression in structures doesn’t need any skill.


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