What skills effect Mutated Drones?

The title really says it all.
With the new Mutated drones you are required to have all 4 racial specializations and the mutated drone specialization. When you look at these skills each says it will provide 2% extra damage per level for drones that require the skill.

When you look at the damage output of the mutated drone It is higher than the non-mutated version. However it is not as much as 30 to 50% higher as would be suggested by the skill requirement.

If only the Mutated skill is in effect then the other skills should be dropped, or only the base race skill should be there.

The skill requirement and the damage output are not matching.

Hopefully a dev will look at this and see the issue.

2% bonus per skill level to the damage of light, medium, heavy and sentry drones requiring Mutated Drone Specialization.

do you have each of the specializations for the size drones raised? Drone interfacing?

In the Newbro section? Good luck.
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Racial spec requirement only for Mutaded drone skill. Not for drones.
Drone requirements 2 skills Drone 5 and Size drone operation 5. Other sills in requirements tab are requirements to this skills.
Something like requirements to turrets. Large turret requirement Med and Small turrets, but this skills doest affect large turret

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