What tax rate should I use in structures?

Hey all!

Silly question, but I just wanted to know, if I were to put up an Azbel and Athanor in high sec, how much would you charge in taxes to the public and be competitive?

Industry T1 Rigs small med ships (azbel) :
Research Facility:
Asteroid reprocessing T2 refining rig:
Corporations offices:

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Not really. What is silly is to expect the competitors will give the answer so easily.

Easy. Less than your competition.

Iā€™m not well versed in setting tax amounts, but I will say that it can depend on your indexes. If the system has a lower index, the cost for setting up jobs (and therefore the tax amount) will be lower, so you should/can probably get away with a higher tax amount.

Oh and a public facility is probably a bigger target so have the ability to defend it.

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It depends on your location and competition.

Ask low enough that people pick your structure.

Ask high enough that you make ISK.

Try with lower values in first days or months. Then when you accumulate regular customers in your structures, raise the taxes slowly until you achieve desired ISK income.


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