What to train for research and manufacturing on my alt....I don't know where to skill up in the right order

I have one main cap/subcap account with only 1 character. Pure fighting bliss in skills.

I have a second mining/processing account, with only 1 character. 25m skill points and learning to mine anything and reprocess anything.

My 3rd account has 1 character that is nearly maxed out in production but lacks science skills of which there are a lot to train for. What order should I research the science skills in maxin out my industry and science skills to always be able to make everything within reason for my main?

Here is the character.

Excelsior Gokhan Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

The Air Career Program has an Industrialist section.
I would start there. There’s a video, a skill plan and challenges to complete for SP.
Also. Look at your Skill window and check Production, Resource Processing, Science and Trade.



Depends on what you want to build. Pretty self-explanatory. You want max indy slots. Max research slots.

You also need to sell your product so train up relisting skills and broker skills.

You may also want to grind standings to save on taxes further. Perhaps you want to train for t2 haulers to grind lv 4 distribution missions.

You can also reach out to USIA to grind your standings for you leaving more time for you to produce

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