Industry skill planner or skill road

Is there any skill planner or skill prioritizing for Industry/Science?? Found alot about Exploration, PvP, PvE, Minning but nothing special about Industry/Science.

Know skill but like always some skill are MUST HAVE THEM FIRST. Just for information or guide… like i say, got good guide for other but not industry/science.

Hi, I’m no industrialist, but I think this is a good source of information about the various aspects and skills you could train: Industry - EVE University Wiki

Also in the skill window ingame you can find a couple recommended skill plans under the Industrialist tab that might be interesting. The AIR Industrialist - Producer and Manufacturer skillplans may be good for what you want to do.

The skills you need are market tax reduction skills so you can actually make a profit, throughputq (job slots, time reduction), possibly industrial ships depending on your setup (i use a DST and a freighter to move stuff 1-3 jumps ), and whatever’s the minimum requirement for certain blueprints.

You barely need skills to get started. Most skills just allow you to have far higher throughput.

Invention is slightly diferent since science skills increase the likelihood of invention, effectively reducing costs, but beyond that it’s the same principles.

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