🔧 Industry-Science Related Question for All :parrotdad:

Greetings All,

Im currently cooking several Industry Based characters such as
these that I previously sold


My question to Those of you that are Industrialist

In your opinion would

Scientific Networking LvL 5
Supply Chain Management LVL 5

Be useful & Sought after skill

Also would you rather have a Blockade Runner already skilled up

Or see that SP put towards other Industry - Science skills

BTW Im also cooking up 2 Basic Aeon Sitters with Jump Drive Calibration LVL 5

A basic industry ALT should have all science skills at level 3 for T2 production with metallurgy at 5 and advanced laboratory operation at 4. Production skills should include advanced industry 5 and advanced mass production 4. PI skills at level 4 (including customs code expertise). Gallente industrial so they can fly an Epithal and Nereus with a basic tank. Implants RR-603, MY-703, SC-803. Scientific Networking and Supply Chain Management at level 3 gives a 15 jump range - you’ll rarely need more for an ALT, they usually live in the station where they work.

With less than 10 million SP, this is a very useful skillset that can easily be upgraded for invention or transports if needed - in my case, my market characters do all the hauling, my industry ALTS only undock to harvest PI.


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