SOLD For 7.5 Bill - 8.1 Mill SP Production-Transport Char - Compliments of Daltzi

up for Auction

8.1m SP. Mostly geared towards Industry jobs, but sill a solid foundation to build upon.

2018 Char Currently in NPC Corp.
Proper Name & Surname.
Cute Avatar…

PW - Linux

Positive Wallet

0.0 - Sec Status

No Killrights / Never Been Killed - Never Poded / Never Killed Anyone.

All +5 Implants Installed

2 Bonus Remaps

Located in High Sec

Can fly Gallente Transports with Cov op Cloak

All standard CCP rules apply. I will pay for transfer.
The char up for auction will get ISK.

Starting Bid: 1 Bill

Buyout : 7.5 Bill

Transfer will be done via Debit Card

Confirming I am up for auction

5 bil starting bid. Motivated buyer. Would like to talk price in game to move this fast. Feel free to PM

Tried to message you in game with Kristina maybe we can catch each other later

Hopping back on now




6.5B Isk ready…

7.5 bill I will transfer in 4 hours when I get home from work today


buy now before someone else does

Offer Withdrawn. Thanks

Buy out now before I start more production skills that would make the Buyout even Higher

7.5b buyout met

7.5 bill buyout accepted please send isk and info to this char

i pay for transfer

isk and account name sent

can you confirm the transfer

Had to deal with stuff IRL

transfer started now, please confirm
on your end

no problem mate RL first and confirm on transfer will let you know when I have received

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