SOLD Compliments of Daltzi

I’m up for Auction

I have 5.9m SP. Mostly was geared towards Industry jobs before skill extracted, but sill a solid foundation to build upon.

2008 Char with short clean (not messy) corp history. Currently in NPC Corp.
Proper Name & Surname.
Cute Avatar…


PW - Linux

Positive Wallet
0.0 - Sec Status
No Killrights / Never Been Killed - Never Poded / Never Killed Anyone.
All +5 Implants Installed.
1 Remap Available Now.
Located: Jita 4-4

All standard CCP rules apply. I will pay for transfer.
This char will get ISK.

Starting Bid: 5B.
Buyout: 7B.

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offer 5.5b iskies ready … willing to pay now.

6 bil

6.5 first and final.


Accepted You have the high bid, Send Isk & account info

all sent

Isk & Info received

Please confirm transfer on your end

received email

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