[SOLD] 14.9M SP TOON missile and gunnery


character has positive +sec status
no kill rights
2 remaps available
positive wallet
located in highsec

here we have a almost 15m sp toon mostly concentrated into missiles

start bid @ 10b

bidding will close @0700 24:03:19

10 Bill or higher is OK.
But I see you are not in a NPC corp?

apologies it held CEO position so it will leave in 24 hours

Thats OK


B/O lowered to 13b

13 Bill B/O

buy out accepted send isk and account details to player

So the transfer will start once you are in a NPC corp?

The character is now in NPC corp

as soon as isk and Account details sent I will begin the transfer immediatly

isk and mail sent

isk and account info received , transfer started

Character Name: Tali’Zorah vas Neema

Will be completed after: 3/24/2019 5:29:43 AM

Thank you

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